Michael Kors Blush Rush To Invest In Their Watches

Tom who won the walkways and the spotlight this season is the rose quartz, chosen as the color of the season by Pantone. The North American fashion designer Michael Kors couldn’t help but offer your contribution to the trend and has developed accessories that promise to turn a fever among women.

With contemporary design and a super feminine aura, the clocks feature sophisticated combination of rosé and gold, which leaves very glamorous models.

Betting in a minimalist style, the MK3493 brings round Golden steel box with bottom dial blush rush and steel bracelet with heart in the delicate shade of pink. Discreet, the model is a sure bet for women who enjoy versatile accessories.

In a most romantic footprint, the MK6326 ‘s features a soft pink and delicate design. Merging the round box gold and steel bracelet in Golden steel with acetate rosa, this chronograph wins an atmosphere even more feminine with the rim fully covered by small crystals.

Fashion, Chrono MK6316 has the identity of Michael Kors glamour. With round box and bracelet made of steel, combining the Golden tones and blush rush, the attachment highlights details in crystals on the outline of the box to raise the sophistication.

Michael Kors watches are distributed in Brazil, exclusively, by the Technos and are available for sale at watch shops and specialty stores throughout the country.