LG G Watch and Its Features Leaked: More Potent Than Many Current Smartphones

In the last hours it has leaked a list of features of the LG G Watch, that is expected to be one of the first Android Wear market. A smartwatch which, if we study characteristics, we find that It is superior to many phones that are used today.

If the list of filtered properties is true, LG G Watch you will have 512 MB LP-DDR2 RAM and 4 GB of storage, all on a device of 1.65 inch touch and 280 x 280 pixels (240 dpi) under the operating system Android Wear. With the smartphone is connected through Bluetooth 4.0, and also report expected notifications, some applications including system (take notes of text via voice), integrated sensors (environment, pedometer and inclination) or weight, 61 grams.

It will also draw attention G Watch autonomy: up to 36 hours, say, thanks to a 400 mAH lithium polymer battery, a figure quite correct. Another highlight is that according to these data, in only two hours you could load completely. In principle we should not have problems to get a full-time of autonomy, even if otherwise it seems that the load will be extremely fast.

LG G Watch is, along with the bike 360, ‘great’ the expected denomination device Android Wear: the wearable stamped Google that you seek to open an already existing, but little exploited and even minority market.