Learning the True Elgin Pocket Watch Worth

My first word of caution when attempting to determine the true associated with your Elgin pocket watch, is the fact that not all watches with the name Elgin on them are actually true and authentic Elgin watches.


Sadly there are people who do produce some Elgin watches, not necessarily as fakes because they are often decent quality, but they are merely not original Elgin watches. The particular Elgin company closed down within 1964 and so anything produced following this is not original, so be careful in case you are considering purchasing a watch.


When you understand what to look for it is an easy thing to exercise and determine. You can do this from the serial number but this is very important, it is the serial number that is on the actual operation of the watch and is often referred to as the particular movement of the watch. Ignore any kind of numbers or letters you may observe on the case of the watch. Furthermore ignore any numbers you may find on the exterior or rim of the casing.


Out of this single serial number you will be able to get the approximate age, quality and quality of the Elgin watch that you have, or even are thinking of purchasing. A general guide is the fact that lower the serial number, then your older and more valuable the view is likely to be. Of course there will always be exclusions to this but it is a general guideline to keep at the back of your mind.

I have incorporated a table of letters beneath which will help you understand what this means. One thing you need to know is that in 1930 the Elgin Watch Company placed letters before these serial numbers and it is necessary to understand these. If the watch you are considering has a serial number that begins with a letter, then from there you will need to work out the million’s digits to access your full serial number.


Notice Millions Digits C, E, To, Y42 X 38 or 39 L 43 U 44 L 45 V 46 H forty seven N 48 F 49 Ersus 50 R 51 P fifty two K 53 I 54


We trust that has given you a good kick off point and with a little more investigation you will quickly get the jist of it. From there you may then refer to the Elgin pocket view serial numbers for further information. Record is too long to include here however it is easy to find. Once you have this information you may be close to understanding the value.


Prices associated with Elgin pocket watches value may fluctuate quite a bit and I have observed this over many years. The good news is these beautiful watches do hold and keep their value. I have seen these types of watches go for as little as a few bucks and the highest I have seen one particular sell was for $11, 750. There are incidents of these watches choosing more than this but that is the highest worth I have seen.


If you have a watch and so are simply trying to ascertain its worth then I would recommend getting a appropriate evaluation done by an expert. There might be a small charge for this service yet at least you will have received expert guidance and you will get an accurate value instead of something that is little more than rumours. This is especially important if you are thinking of buying one. Never ever go on the face worth placed on an Elgin watch simply by someone else. You need to authenticate that it is legitimate and get a proper evaluation completed prior to spending a cent.


Personally I just buy a watch that I like. Merely don’t like the look of it or the high quality of it then I really don’t care exactly what value it has. I am not a enthusiast as such as I buy something that can give me enjoyment first. If it is actually valuable then that is a huge reward of course. It is not however my important driver but that would be different to get a collector or someone looking for a great investment opportunity.


Rather than buy on areas like eBay, I tend to shop around garage sales and car shoe sales. I have found quite a few there at house clearance sales. The additional advantage of this is that the people marketing know little about the true associated with an Elgin pocket watch and you could really pick up some fantastic deals.


If you would like to read more why not take a look at website where you can find more interesting plus detailed information including a good area on I have found my own little bit of background and I hope that you find it furthermore.