Kingswear KW88 Buy: Cheap Smartphone in the Form of a Smartwatch

May a wristwatch like to look as if she’s a sly old dog behind the ears? But of course: The Kingswear KW88 makes no secret to its functionality. It is sporty and quick-tempered. She is currently on offer.

Technical data

The Kingswear KW88 has a 1.39-inch, round AMOLED display – so an OLED Panel. The Smartwatch is actually more than just a Smartwatch. It is actually a whole Smartphone, only in the clock format. Because the processor is a Mediatek MTK6580 with four cores and 1.39 GHz. It comes with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of Flash memory. Android is it preinstalled 5.1 lollipop.

You can insert a SIM card. It is largely independent of a Smartphone. To synchronize the alerts, a pair would recommend yet. The Smartwatch can also communicate via Wi-FI and Bluetooth 4.0. GPS available is for the location. Also available: A camera. It resolves natively MP 2.0. Software can even to 5.0 MP stretch.

Several apps are preinstalled on the KW88. It can include, for example, the preceding steps, enumerate the calories burned, and measure the pulse. Besides, she can remotely control the playback of music.

To have for 91 euro

You can order the Kingswear KW88 currently cheap. She is listed at a price of 90,56 EUR at Gearbest , where she is currently on offer.