Keruve, Reloj-Localizador for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Keruve It is a Spanish invention that consists of two devices, on the one hand a Watch that integrates a GPS Locator inside, and on the other hand a receiver of the signal with a screen.

Its performance seems very simple. Only by pressing a button on the receiver displays a map with the exact position of the wearer of the watch. Is designed for people who suffer from the Alzheimer’s disease and, of course, is a great invention.

The clock is totally resistant to both water and shock, with a safety lock to prevent its opening, which is performed by means of a special key. The positioning is possible with two systems: first, using GPS, and if this fails, may be done by triangulation from mobile phone antennas. Change becomes automatic, and the Watch has a lithium battery that endows it with a range of 3.5 days and that, when it is running low, indicated it by an audible alarm. Dimensions 38 x 50 x 16 mm and 54 grams of weight.

With respect to the receiver, it has a screen 80 x 40 mm and a weight of 188 grams. Its, also lithium ion battery, holds 2 days.

It seems to me shameful a system like this, as useful may be some families, It is not subsidized by public administrations. Its price is rather high, 986 euros, money that perhaps wouldn’t many pay in order to be reassured.