Interview with IWC-Brand Ambassador Elyas M ‘ M’Barek

The star says which watch suits which outfit

Chronos Editor-in-chief Rüdiger Bucher met Elyas m ‘ M’Barek in his Munich bar Paisano. The Fack-ju-Göhte-Star Brand ambassador of IWC has recently been appointed. In the interview, the much-sought-after actor talks about his general watch preferences and gives tips on what fits.

Elyas, do you still need a wristwatch today–and if so, what one? As a man in any case. Best one for every occasion. Or just one that you can always wear. In this case, for example, a Portofino from IWC. It fits the suit as well as the T-shirt.

What are you talking about in a watch? The bracelet, the size and the technical sophistication. I prefer small to medium sized watches with dark leather bracelet.

What kind of watches do you find cool? I like elegant watches that give a nice suit or tuxedo the finishing touches. and divers watches, if it is to be more athletic.

What functions are important to you? The gait behavior and an automatic lift.

Theme style: What about a diving watch for a suit? I generally find that the rules are self-determined. If the occasion allows and you feel comfortable with it, why not?

Which designs do you find exciting? Currently I am very much in the IWC Aquatimer Chronograph edition “Galapagos Island”. It is sporty yet extremely stylish and special. Rarely seen.

Should luxury watches bring more color? Do a lot of things. I don’t like it too much. Prefer a clear color that you can combine well with clothes.

Do you see a Smartwatch rather than Zweituhr or is it a serious alternative to the mechanical clock? For me, design stands in front of function. I see my watch mainly as a gem and use my iphone for all the features of a Smartwatch.

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