Instagram Wrist: Private Use and Marketing for Smartwatches

Smartwatches are better suited due to the display size for certain applications than for others. Wherever come short and clear notifications to use, is a wearable wrist really ideal. A quick glance at the clock enough, to get the latest information, show dates, and to receive messages. Short texts are pleasant to read on the small display. For longer articles a different portable device such as a Smartphone, Tablet PC, E-book reader or the notebook much better suited. For this, the watch in other areas can score, as the visualization and display. Instagram in combination with a Smartwatch is in many respects an interesting tip, can be used also as a medium for marketing.

Instagram and the power of images

The social network Instagram relies on photos, this way, emotions can be Kindle users. In the Visual communication of information most likely succeed through images. Texts must be processed by reading only. Applies also for the memories, these are especially strong when they are associated with images. Instagram uses this emotional power and offers a huge range of topics, categories and graphics users. Who want to put his wearable in scene as users or commercial provider of Smartwatches, which reached particularly many users who place value on optics, design, graphics, shapes, and colors with Instagram. Factors are all, also to make the Smartwatch as design object.

Emotional Instagram stories f UE r use the marketing

Instagram is a social network of special article In contrast to Facebook the attention and the focus is on the presentation of photos, graphics and videos apply here. Similar to offers like SnapChat Instagram of now video stories. This story creation is outstanding to private to share with friends. Instagram stories is a very interesting tool but also for commercial purposes, marketing and advertising. It is even possible links in the publication to incorporate, a function that is not possible in the display and the comment function. Also Smartwatch nutzer can this alignment is reached, that benefit from visualization of information on the small screen. The touch of a finger on the display is sufficient for the skin navigation.

Who be Android- wearable or his Apple Watch on his Instagramfeed would like to show the benefits when choosing a picture primarily of high-quality and professional photo and video shots. This is one of the intention to generate emotions and also that the digital clock is a rather small object. For example the clock as an appropriate detail to show it in a lively, matching scene and to convey the dynamism, the lifestyle and the functionality of the gadget would be ideal. The sensitive integration of the watch in a motif requires also a keen sense of the power of images, colors, and shapes. Who wants to prominently displayed his watch, which benefits from a large setting and an enlargement of certain details of the clock. It conveys quality and also transports the participates of the Smartwatch.

Smartphone and Smartwatch, the perfect combination

Of course is the technology for the wrist not only for the in scene set the watch pictures and videos. Various apps provide appropriate functionality for viewing feeds, Instagram stories and comments. Thus, the Instagramversion offers an extension for Apple’s clock for the iPhone already. Android watch manufacturers, such as Sony with the Sony SmartWatch2 offer their own integrations or extensions. Other applications of app developers in the respective app stores are of course.