Image of The Week: Apple Watch Digital Crown Already Was in an IBM Clock… in 2001

The idea of the digital Crown (or digital crown as says the same company) to navigate the elements of the interface of the Apple Watch is very good, but it turns out that in Cupertino have not been the first to apply it. In the top video collected by 9to5Mac an IBM clock where, if you look, a side wheel performs the same functions.

OK, watch is not much less anything in design or features to the Apple Watch, but a circular monochromatic elements interface allows you to navigate with small it wheel in a way that reminds us of the smartwatch of Apple. That clock was devised makes a whopping fourteen years, when not even the iPod was in the street.

Anyway, that IBM clock depends on varos more front buttons, the screen has no point of comparison and certainly there is no touch panel. But it is a good way of remembering that the idea of “vitaminados” watches has been raised for years. Apple Watch is simply the way that Apple has decided to take to move forward with that market.