I’m Watch, Takes of Contact at Mobile World Congress

Earlier this month, following rumors of an Apple clock, it was a collection of devices of this type. Gadgets that did more than just tell us the time and now it seems that they have returned to gain prominence with Pebble or I’m Watch.

With the latter, we had a chance to play at the Mobile World Congress. A device that we were on the trail for a while and finally we could try a bit to bring you a touchdown with one of the most curious gadgets.

The saying to the fact there is a stretch

To date, watches that have sold the image of being a capable of synchronizing with mobile smart device not started well stand. Sony tried it with your Smart Watch, Pebble seems slightly mark the path to follow, but isn’t a benchmark.

I’m Watch us also coaxed with this idea: have all in the wrist to avoid having to turn on the screen of the phone every so often. It was good and seemed well executed but after testing it at the Mobile World Congress we see is far from what promised.

Outside we find a simple device, perhaps somewhat Spartan. A single physical button that allows us to go back, a touch screen with slightly curved glass and color straps. Comfortable on the wrist, its thickness does not seem a problem to priori.

The screen looks good but must take into account that lights of the stands always cheat a little. Until we don’t see their quality with ambient light we can not say emphatically. You can see the pixels, does not much resolution and quality is a bit loose, taking into account the price.

When using it have two modes: on the one hand a kind of sleep mode where we will see the hour (we can customize the type of clock) and then a full menu where you can browse through the different applications: calendar, notifications, calls, music…

Navigation on the clock is a bit frustrating. Not to make them from a device that is located on the wrist if not by the slowness. A processor that offers just enough and a version of Android (Donut 1.6) which is insufficient for very modest to be your hardware.

Applications that come pre-installed demonstrate that I’m Watch want to cover many things but it is not capable of doing any good: read text is a little uncomfortable, see images nor is especially useful and only saves the connection with your phone for some things specific such as music, calls or notifications.

At the level of battery we have another problem: is a device that we will have to charge every day next to the smartphone. I’m sorry, I don’t have a clock that has to be loaded every day. This, by the way, Jack is done through the connector. Something similar to what offers the iPod Shuffle from Apple.

I’m Watch, first impressions

I’m Watch goes to show that today the smart watch concept is far from being a wearable gadget. He has great ambition, which is laudable, but found me the first touchdown the be a disappointing gadget with a relationship quality price quite negative.

We will see if in the final versions improves but today this watch is not recommended if you want a real connection that works and is useful with our smartphone. Come over, and we hope that some of them mark the road in a category that wants to bring us the future to the present.