If You Want a Rolex, Buy One: The Apple Watch Not You Can Show “Watchfaces” Registered of Other Brands

There who had the idea: buy an Apple Watch when it goes on sale and install a watchface (i.e. the appearance of the clock) that mimics that of the Rolex of 40,000 euros that always makes you stay without words in the showcase. Maybe it will be that no: watch brands are already taking legal action for this to not happen.

Omega, Tissot, Certina, Mondaine, Flik Flak, Fossil, Michael Kors, Armani, Panerai, Swatch… These are some of the brands that are by sending letters of cease and desist those who have already launched themes to change some smartwatches. That it will be possible also in Apple Watch, and sure that developers have had it in mind.

The deadline for removing other appearances is in some cases only a 24-hour

We must not draw those companies: the appearance of your watches is its property and therefore it can not be copied. But it is clear that all the traditional watchmaking they are reacting carefully before Apple Watch defending their creations and therefore differentiating them.

Because of course: face will stay you Swatch when Apple Watch mimics the appearance of one of their watches by some third-party developer and also be a wrist computer? That’s why those notes for ceasefire and desist put developers of Android Wear give extremely short deadlines: 24 hours. If you’re starting to mess with WatchKit… bear in mind this.