HTC’s First Smart Watch to Be Released

HTC is one of the great companies in the mobile device market, however, it was one of the few that were left without any launch in the smart watch industry. The Taiwanese company even unveiled a partnership with Valve to launch a virtual reality glasses, but no wearable devices. Now new information has emerged indicating that this may change, a new product may arrive in 2016.

According to a new rumor, it will be another device of line One of HTC, but this time will be a smart watch. It will probably be a traditional device with Android Wear, as they currently work to make a fitness bracelet next to Under Armor.

Despite the great information, no details were revealed about the supposed smart watch from HTC. It is no surprise that the company has not yet launched any device in this market, as it is still very risky, and unfortunately now it can not handle risk.

Currently HTC is going through serious problems, the last few quarters have been stuffed with drops and so she is not risking. The Vive virtual reality device may be one of the problems, since the company is working on it, but this market is still in the beginning.That is, anything can happen.

Either way, whatever the company is developing, it should probably reveal about the novelty in the coming months. Consumers may be able to find out even during the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which takes place next month in Las Vegas and will have special coverage of the All Mobile.

HTC's First Smart Watch to Be Released 1

Samsung is the consumer electronics company that has devoted so much effort to the topic of smartwatches.

His new Gear with Tizen is a major improvement over the first generation, and this wave of new models this time a different device, Samsung Gear Fit.

The entry of the Korean giant into the market of quantifiers has not done so discreetly or basic. Its Gear Fitmodel , which we will offer you a complete analysis (video included), is an ambitious product that complies in a global way but still has aspects to improve. Are you excited to know what we thought about using the Advanced Gear Fit Watch/Watch?

Gear Fit And Smartwatch Bracelet: Gear Fit Has Not Chosen

To understand and be able to advance in this analysis of the Gear Fit, I have to warn you that Samsung has not chosen to offer a bracelet quantifier to use. The classic models we have talked about in Xataka or the recent SonySmartband are wearable devices focused exclusively on measuring our activity.

Samsung has been-perhaps-too ambitious and with Gear Fit is not limited to any quantifier bracelet

The Gear Fit has these values ​​in mind, it has a pedometer, but it is much more than a bracelet. We can in many ways consider as an advanced clock or smartwacth with all its letters thanks to the screen that incorporates, the touch control in it and the connectivity and functionality that has given the company of Galaxy devices.

What if we start with a video analysis where we see the Gear Fit in action?

Design: Excellent Balance With The Screen As The Protagonist

I have no doubt that the bracelet quantifier and smartwatch will end up in a single device. The Samsung Gear Fit we can say that is the first to seriously try… and also get it… with a lot of nuances.

If we compare the Gear Fit with other models of quantitative bracelets, the work of Samsung has been more than excellent. It is a model that weighs only 27 grams and is not thick or wide in excess. Look at the image below and try to locate the Gear Fit. You can not do it by dimensions, and that is one of the best achievements of this device.

Less on the screen, there is not much difference in dimensions of the Gear Fit with other quantization bracelets much simpler

Logically it is clear that it can not compete with the Jawbone or Sony Smartband in comfort or design, but with the extras it brings, believe me if I say that it is worth the sacrifice… if you are looking for something more to quantify in a Device only.

The Gear Fit is comfortable, discreet but its screen remains off and we can not use it as a visible clock all the time

The Gear Fit belt is finished in plastic with an elegant and accurate metallic frame, and the closing system is the usual in these bracelets: two protrusions that fit into the holes in a simple but reliable way. We have not given a fright. It is therefore reliable and fast to remove and put. And you can exchange the bracelets, because the screen is removable.

The Gear Fit, when it has the screen off, is discreet, comfortable to wear and does not bother at all. But when the OLED screen turns on, you’ll attract-in a positive-all looks.

Only one physical button, one on or off, is included. Here you should keep in mind that although it can function as a clock, the screen goes off quickly and there is no possibility to leave the time fixed. We have the option to activate the screen automatically when raising the arm making the gesture of looking at the time, but it has not seemed sufficient to me.

Here I think Samsung could have integrated the saving mode function we saw on the Galaxy S5 and that puts the screen in black and white to save energy. See if you think about it and can improve this aspect. Other than asking.

Another aspect that we ask Samsung to think for the next time is related to the load. At the bottom of the bracelet are the connectors to charge your internal battery of 210 mAh, but to do so we need an accessory that hooks to it and enables us to charge via microUSB. Not having directly integrated the microUSB port in the bracelet makes us have to take the adapter with us if we are going to be a couple of days away from home or have forgotten to load it before leaving, and also the consequent risk (most likely) of Lose that adapter and with it the possibility of recharging the Gear Fit.

This has seemed vital to us in a team that has offered us an average autonomy of between 2 and 3 days if you use it to run daily, control the music or many applications. Perhaps lowering that use can reach four days, but it has not been our case at any time.

Finally, in the design part you have to talk about the resistance to water and dirt of the Gear Fit . The profile it has is IP67, which lets us wet it without problem when we shower, in the rain or even wash it without fear. On the paper, I would be submerged for half an hour at a depth of one meter, but it is not intended and should not be used for swimming in a pool. We do not recommend it.

HTC's First Smart Watch to Be Released 2

Touch OLED Display, The True Reason For This Bracelet

An element that must be highlighted yes or yes of the design of the Gear Fit, and in fact is the key to understand this product, is the screen . No electronic ink or half sizes or technologies. Samsung has not hesitated to offer a screen with OLED technology and size 1.84 inches.

This panel is curved to fit the shape of a bracelet, and is appreciated. The resolution has been fixed at 128 x 432 pixels, sufficient but nothing impressive in that section. Yes we get the best of OLED technology indoors, where the display is excellent.

The OLED screen is absolutely fantastic… indoors

Outdoor is also quite successful, but it is not a technology that allows you to enjoy it when there is plenty of light. The maximum brightness is not set default, a matter of autonomy, so if we want to improve the display of the OLED when the sun presses on it, it has to do it manually, with several necessary steps and in addition, that maximum brightness is reduced Back to the default value after five minutes. There is no way to extend that time, something that would be ideal when we are going to be long on the street at noon.

The display is excellent in interiors, and quite accomplished in exteriors, although it is advisable to adjust the brightness to the maximum. What we did not like is that this setting is automatically canceled after five minutes.Whether you want it or not.

The Gear Fit screen is tactile. With a single physical button to turn the screen on and off, the challenge I had was important. And it has worked out quite well. In general there will be no problem managing the bracelet with our fingers. The interface helps, and we’ve only noticed a lack of precision when the icons are at the ends or we’re running. In those moments, the limitations of having to control a small screen and also that the brightness is surely not to the maximum. Here, a working light sensor would be necessary.

Something that we liked is being able to set the double touch on the screen as a concrete action, for example to know the steps that we take.

Clarify Samsung: Just For Your Computers But You Have Not Done Your Homework

In the purely practical part, we started the analysis with what should be the real reason for being a team like Gear Fit if we consider that there are more advanced smartwatch as the Gear 2 with Tizen.

Very difficult have Samsung sell us this Gear Fit as activity meter when that function is not well executed, we need one of their Galaxy smartphones and above the software is fought with the bracelet

In order to consider a bracelet as a quantifier, the minimum is that it correctly measures the values ​​we want, and that the application that is responsible for collecting those data add and do not subtract. None of this is accomplished with the Gear Fit.

As an input meter you have to activate this function or you will not measure anything at all. If we also start an activity and mark it, the system crosses data and does not just clarify what to do and what each one means.

The reliability of the data is on average as expected. Not the most accurate bracelet on the market but not the worst. With an average of 10,000 steps per day, the deviation from a calibrated model and a reliable GPS system has been 15-20% less. With how easy it was for Samsung to include a GPS and make the most accurate wristband on the market. For price it deserved and for the battery would not have to fear because it is something to improve substantially.

Neither is it just clear when passing real distance steps. Again, a simple calibration function would have solved it.

But the biggest problem that Gear Fit has as a quantifier is not in hardware as such but in software. Samsung only allows you to take advantage of your latest smartphones and Galaxy tablets, but it turns out that integration with S Health, the health platform they have, is not exactly a help.

Anyone would say that the integration of Gear Fit with S Health has made the Samsung itself

In our case the Gear Fit has been our head pedometer along with the Galaxy S5, which by the way unfolds functions by integrating also a pedometer and heart rate monitor, so the first thing to do is to clearly mark which device will be the one you have to take S Health data or data chaos can be important. In fact, something habitual like leaving home to exercise with the smartphone, is the worst nightmare to measure our steps.

We told him to take into account the Gear Fit first. This synchronization between bracelet and smartphone can be configured to occur with the frequency we want, always minimum 3 hours.

But the software S Health is not mature, and once collected the data, if it does well, does not duplicate or give us more or less (it is always a surprise how S Health will solve), there is no clear plan Or decided on what to do with them. If we join that information can come from the smartphone itself and its sensors or now from equipment like this Gear Fit… imagine.

It is something that happens with the measurement of sleep , which is not at all achieved with the combination Gear Fit and S Health. I told you that under my extensive experience with these devices, the Sony Smartband , after a long time, had managed to find the key for the measurement of sleep work: that the bracelet itself knows when we go to bed or get up . In the case of Gear Fit, if you forget, you have nothing to do.

Despite taking 3,000 steps already given today, Gear Fit has not been taken for granted and for her we are still in bed. What more could we want.

The extra pulseometer that the Gear Fit integrates is a good idea in theory, but the data just is not reliable if there is noise or you are in movement.

Therefore, runners who want to control their heartbeats during the exercise will find almost a toy next to a chest strap or an advanced sports watch. This Gear Fit is put into continuous measurement mode when activating the start of an exercise session, and that data serves the system to configure a kind of virtual trainer that again is far from what specific solutions offer us. Also, it is not possible to stop the exercise and continue.

This heart rate monitor will only serve to control your heart rate at certain times (for example when starting or finishing a race, walk or bike ride, as well as in the gym)

After all this we only have the hope that the great majority of problems detected in the Gear Fit as an activity meter can be solved since these are errors in principle related to the software. And since the communication of the bracelet with the smartphone is via BT 4.0, it would not hurt that Samsung opened the possibility of synchronizing it with other Android terminals. Seen the chaos at home, just like Gear Fit.

HTC's First Smart Watch to Be Released 3

Compensating For Its Validity As A Basic Smartwatch

We take a breath and continue to reflect in this analysis what we thought the Gear Fit. With this spectacular AMOLED screen, use as a smartwatch is not a possibility, it is almost an obligation since, without being of a large size, it solves quite well the interaction at the level of receiving notifications and small actionswith them.

Let no one think that he will be able to manage the mail or his active Twitter account from the Gear Fit, but he does avoid to take out many times the terminal of the pocket . For example not to answer a call, which can be rejected or managed with a direct message from the bracelet itself.

Samsung has gone from Tizen to the operating system of this Gear Fit, and the interface is simple, I think suitable for the ambitions of this device in its functions of smartwatch.

On the screen we can have at most three icons related to functions of the Gear Fit. Look no further than there is because there is no possibility of installing anything from third parties. We just change the order (Gear Fit Manager) in which they appear when sliding the “desks”.

The most that we can configure the functions of the smartwatch is with the applications that let us send notifications. Depending on each application we can do more or less with them, but in general, do not expect much more than discover them and at best eliminate them. And we will not be able to have all the notifications we want, there are number limitations.

If you are going to give much use to the issue of managing notifications, better configure the screen to show everything in vertical mode. It is less content, less intuitive to read, but more comfortable for your neck, because in horizontal mode the tendency is to turn back and neck unnaturally.

Without the possibility of installing third party applications, the one that has been most useful has been the one that lets us control the music of the smartphone from AMOLED screen of the Gear. It is tremendously comfortable to do so when you go on the train, the bus or even doing sports.


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