HTC In This Video Shows His Smartwatch One Wear?

How far is HTC to develop of its first Smartwach? A video of everyday work in thecompany gives hope: is a gadget with strap on a desk. Here we take a look at thealleged HTC one wear?
The less than one-minute video, posted on YouTube, already comes from early July 2014. In it, HTC provides insight in its premises and on the jobs of some of his employees. That the supposed Smartwatch randomly it appears, may be doubted in view of the professionalism of the videos. It could be a prototype, shows the final design, which should be already here hidden teased.
Update of July 24th, 14:35: Now an official statement has ended the speculation: no future HTC Smartwatch is shown In the video.
Prototype or final design of HTC one wear?
The Smartwatch in the promotional clip has an angular case in the colours black and grey – and at first glance looks relatively large. You already reminiscent of theconcept, which appeared at the weekend to the HTC one wear. Also is to see a small bulge is likely a physical button on the right, suggested wieHTC source. Also, itis clear that the Smartwatch on display has a black background, white digits showthe time on the.
With the wearable in the short video, HTC again fueling the speculation about thenew Android Smartwatch. Most recently had rumors there late may, HTC is working on a Smartwatch in classic watches look, which is orientated on the Motorola Moto 360. The Smartwatch by HTC could become the next big Android wearable – in addition to the 360, the Samsung gear live Moto and the LG G watch.