HP MB Chronowing: Noble Smartwatch a Week Running

HP presented a Smartwatch which differs significantly from the competition. For one she is based on the design of classic watches, on the other hand she is waiting with an enormously long term. She stay seven days with one battery charge.

Succeed, because the clock is on a low power monochrome display, is also not touch that can be operated. The watch via the buttons on the page is controlled. Yet it offers the most important functions, which are known from other watches: notifications about upcoming events, news, E-mail, sports scores. Also is the music player of your Smartphone to operate.

HP MB Chronowing: With Android and iOS compatible

The Chronowing helps both iOS (4 S iPhone from the) and Android devices that run at least with Android 4.3. These smartphones communicate the clock via Bluetooth.

The main reason for the reduction in technical is that HP placed the clock more as a fashion accessory. Not for nothing was co-developed by the fashion designer Michael Bastian. The Smartwatch is massive in diameter 44 millimeters only to men. Available options are also three wrist watches, leather, nylon and plastic on ANYCOUNTYPRIVATESCHOOLS.

The MB Chronowing is starting on November 7 via the website Gilt.com available and should cost$ 350 in the basic version.