How Do You Think That You Handle Apple in Apple Watch Price Range? The Question of The Week

They continue through the weeks and continue passing the months… And little more than small brushstrokes are about Apple Watch. One of the big unknowns is the price. Three major groups, will be obviously three are different series which has determined Apple product. But some Apple executives have promised an extensive variety of prices.

A variety such that there will be a model for every Pocket virtually. We could define a price there will be base according to the series (either Watch, Watch Sport, or Watch Edition) and starting from there will vary according to the strap that you choose. But this is just my opinion.

How do you think that you handle Apple in Apple Watch price range?

The question of the week

Our colleague Manuls I asked you last week on your opinion if you thought needed a change in the iPad range. The answer most voted by all of you has been our reader Ian, It was clear and concise.

IOS for iPad is strived for iPhone IOS.

It is a maxim that many are asking for time, there some differentiator in the OS for the iPad which exploited more than “a bigger screen”. If I did, I’m going to add here the opinion of another reader Hush, who has come to say the same, but more detailed.

I have iPad from the original and it has moved completely to the laptop for leisure (for work, I do it from home, I have a desktop with two screens, and it can not be otherwise). To me an ipad that allowed me to open two apps at the same time would give me life. And it is not that you would constantly use because as I say, I use it for leisure. but the amount of times I have to stop a video to open a chat, or change the chat to Safari or something so I largely offset that was somewhat larger, for example, 10 “or 11”.

And here the question of this week, only remember that you must respond in Applesfera answers section enabled with the question that we are discussing today. The coming week we will return to the fray with a new question and answer more valued by all of you.