Historic Cooperation: Richard Thousand and Cyril Kongo

The new RM 68-01 whirlpool Cyril Kongo is not only a leader works to the wrist; This watch is entered in history of watchmaking. A street performer has converted first dimension large format of his world in the heart of the movement of this timepiece.

Historic Cooperation Richard Thousand and Cyril Kongo

Cyril Kongo was born in 1969 are settled within only ten years at the head of the artistic and cultural scene France, Europe and beyond. He has refined and expanded his visions and his approach over time: it has thus reached an artistic maturity that is not simply defined by the graffiti. Inspired by frescoes and murals, Kongo has deeply marked the kind of graffiti. Kongo took a year to develop the technique of painting that ennobled the Richard Mille watches. Had to create special tools that have allowed Cyril Kongo to exercise his art on a very small surface, for example a special spray to apply the color drip.

The RM 68-01 brought Kongo to find a new approach to be able to adapt his graffiti and his artistic visions to the small surface of a caliber. “He has pushed the boundaries of the possible to the watchmaking technology” said Richard Mille. “Cyril Kongo entirely appropriated this timepiece, movement to the housing and glass to the whirlpool.” Of course, the functionality of the movement was not being altered by the application of the colors.

The Platinum of the tourbillon movement shines on the back of the watch as a splash of paint on the wall. The movement bridges can be admired on the dial.

The case with a black ceramic bezel and its central part in carbon NTPT thins asymmetrically in both directions: in its width from 9 to 3 hours as well as on its height from 12 to 6 hours.

The 68-01 RM connects contemporary mechanical and fine arts in a real extraordinary vision of the art of watchmaking in the 21st century. The watch is limited to 30 copies.