Google Smartwatch Specifications Have Been Made Public

The smartwatch market is growing and more and more brands want to be present and with offers that stand out from the competition.

After Samsung has revitalized consumer interest with the launch of Gear, everything points to a new offer coming soon from Google.

Google’s smart clock developments are underway and now the specifications for what we will soon have come to light.

Rumors that the arrival of a smartwatch from Google to the market are not recent. Several times it was taken for granted its launch, always with different manufacturers to give their contribution and to produce it.

Recently it was news that LG would produce the Google smartwatch, which will be presented at the next I/O conference, which will take place at the end of June.

The latest information that came from a reliable source, gives an account of the specifications that this watch will have.It was posted to @evleaks’ Twitter account.

These specifications show a 1.65-inch screen with a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. It will have 512 MB of BRAM and 4GB of internal memory.

When compared to the latest model to hit the market, Gear 2, this Google watch will have less screen resolution, but the same amount of RAM and internal memory.

The launch of Google smartwatch is practically a certainty, but there remains to know when and in what ways. The certainty of its manufacture by LG is also almost guaranteed, even by the previous good relationship that the research giant has with the Korean company.

Another important point which reveals Google’s plans for this segment was the announcement launch of an Android SDK for wearable devices.

Soon, and as is normal, new information leaks will appear and certainty to be shown images of Google’s smartwatch.Then in June, with its launch on I / O, Google will show the world what it has been developing in recent years in this area.


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