Gigantic Smartwatch Fake: ZTE Axon Watch Copied Android Wear

The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE shows his watch called Axon watch at MWC. Visually the wearable makes her a lot, the processing is top and also the leather bracelet feels elegant. In the first check, the supposed Android wear OS running fast and without large earrings. The clock thus makes a good first impression, but that really is Android wear? The look in the system preferences shows – no!

ZTE copied Android wear to perfection

The on-screen version of the system is Android 5.1.1 and therefore no original Android wear. Instead, ZTE for its Axon watch relies on an own Android 5.1.1 derivative and names the system Tencent OS. Tencent OS is built up and pared but exactly after the original Android wear. For this reason we found along us in the hands-on directly in terms of operation. Overall you could seal the Tencent OS a little colourful style, ultimately we really perceive Android wear to 99 percent. Only the apps preinstalled on the demo model are no term in part and indicate a strong orientation on the Chinese market.

ZTE Axon watch Android 5.1 with good facilities

The facilities of the watch of ZTE Axon is not by bad parents: inside the Snapdragon CPU 400 works with four cores. The OLED display has a diagonal of 1.4 inches and resolves with 400 x 400 pixels. A 300 mAh big power cell provides energy. As with almost every other Smartwatch, 512 MByte RAM on board, 4 GByte disk space is there for music and apps. A heart rate sensor sits on the bottom, the case is over even small excursions into the water according to IP67 standard. Direct GPS connectivity has the clock as well. If and when the Smartwatch is on its way from China to Europe, can not say currently ZTE.  (dps)