Fossil WOS Women’s Watches

The American brand has been adept at designing watches that most women can afford. Although Fossil women’s watches are made of somewhat more expensive materials such as gold, as it has been on an equal footing with Casio, which manages to keep prices down due to the cheaper materials. It is thus one of the extremely few fashion brands, where one can acquire cheap watches at lower prices than Fossil’s.

It is far from any brands that have managed to reach the top in wrist watches and there are only a few brands that have been able to stay on top, but for Fossil, it has been wagered largely and has incorporated a wide range of good cooperation with major fashion houses from all over the world, which has led to the brand completely manifested in the industry.

WOS means Watches of Switzerland, see more on

As the years passed, the women’s needs and requirements for watches have changed a lot, and that is precisely why Fossil has good reason to be extra proud of what they have achieved. Particularly in the gold watches, there has been quite a bit expensive, but it has not been a change as an American label, which both have full suit on the rose gold plated line and also the classic gold line.

Apple: Virtual or Augmented Reality for 2017 Headset

Stay on Apple by making a virtual reality parenthesis. Apple remains very discreet about this technology, however, an interview of Tim Cook spoke of his preference for augmented reality. The Cupertino company prepares a device for 2017? A helmet suitable for iPhone, like Samsung and its Samsung VR would certainly fill the American brand fans…

Trackers of Activity Always Sharper in 2017

If the first connected bracelets were simple pedometers, today they are more complete and the measurement itself is much further. The year 2017 is expected to see land more trackers measure the variability of heart rate, Vo2 Max, or metabolic indicators more unusual. Fitbit, among others, should offer trackers more sophisticated so for tracking health and sports activities.

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Home Sweet Home: in 2017 the House Wishes Us Well

In 2017 the domestic comfort will be connected more than ever at the heart of the home. Our House wishes us well. So, we should see more and more connected devices which ensure on our sleep or even on our mood, that monitor and control the quality of air, noise, moisture, etc. Domestic virtual assistants will be with onions for the residents of the home.

Asteroid OS will Upset the Connected Watch in 2017

The OS Asteroid could well become the new operating system for the independent watch manufacturers. This OS is available in version 1.0 Alpha, is developed by the french student Florent Revest. Based on the Linux environment, some watches are already compatible with Asteroid OS, such as the LG G Watch and Watch Urbane or Asus ZenWatch 2, among others.

New Range of Products For Fossil in 2017

If the Fossil brand, until today, focused on the watches hybrids, in 2017 the company could begin in different connected product design. Information confirmed by the CEO of Fossil, Sonny saw. If nothing has been unveiled on this or these new objects, the choice of the company should turn to the trackers of activity. A logical choice as a result of the absorption of Misfits end of 2015.

Output of the New Under Armour Shoes in 2017

After taking out his HealthBox kit in partnership with HTC, a complete equipment of objects connected to the fitness, Under Armour is about to introduce its new generation of connected sports shoes. There are two new models: The AU SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE and the AU SpeedForm Europa RE. One thing is sure, it will take on Under Armour in the area of sport connected in 2017.

The Tech Tattoos, Connected Technology of the Future

The Tech almost or tattoos technological trends are and we could well see more and more in the course of the coming year. These connected and temporary tattoos are promising in areas such as health or sport for example. The range of possibilities for the use of these tattoos continues to escalate. This is a new tracker system which could well make his grace place, notably, researchers from MIT or the Microsoft labs and others.

An Evolution of the Echo of Amazon Wizard in 2017?

With the imminent arrival of a connected loudspeaker equipped Wizard Cortana to Microsoft, the giant of the Amazon distribution, probably won’t sit idly during the year 2017. A Amazon Echo 2 could well see the day in the course of the year. Leaks are a new intelligent enclosure with a 7-inch screen integrated and equipped with a version of the Fire modified OS operating system that would be under development.

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Development of Artificial Intelligence in 2017

Artificial intelligence will have done much talk about it this year. In practice found especially in the form of assistant virtual to accompany users at home or in their smartphone. Artificial intelligence is also at the heart of the autonomous car, whose development has accelerated strongly in 2016. In 2017, the AI should integrate new products connected as headphones or smart shoes for example. We should find it also in a still more advanced software.

Towards An Innovative Garmin Watch in 2017

With connected Forerunner and Vívoactive HR sport watches, Garmin has demonstrated its know-how in the area. However it is always possible to do better. For Garmin 2017 products one might expect a more accurate heart rate monitor and perhaps also an effort in the design so that the connected watch become a product that you can wear on a daily basis and not only during the exercise sessions.

The Return of the Glasses Connected in 2017

With the Google Glass we thought I found the glasses in the future but they did not have the expected effect and disappeared from circulation. However, the success of the shows of Snap Inc. proves that connected glasses have their place in our modern world. These glasses have quickly made the buzz and su hit the intended target. Products such as the Raptor AR for the sport or the Vuzix, about to be launched on the market might revive interest from consumers for these products in 2017. According to rumors, Apple would be developing connected glasses.

Android Wear 2.0 Arrives in 2017

Smart Watches market is in berne and the delay in the availability of the new version of Android Wear manufacturers is perhaps something. Some manufacturers have decided to take a break in this market such as Motorola or Sony. The first models of Android 2.0 Wear watches arrive early 2017 and with them independent applications. Will the improvements be enough to entice consumers? Answer in a few weeks.

The Google Project Jacquart, the Clothing of the Future

Google and Levi’s, the famous manufacturer of jeans, work together on a project, connected apparel the Jacquart. Thus, the first connected denim jacket will come out in 2017. It will allow to control the music, accept or not appealed or even get directions, simply by touching the fabric on the active area. Later, new features will be developed.

Anti-Stress Wearable Will Explode in 2017

Stress is the disease of the century and technology manufacturers have decided to address them. This year many anti-stress connected objects were created and this trend is expected to continue in 2017. These objects help us to breathe and relax us, even the biggest such as Apple and Fitbit have started through guides and tips for relaxation.

2017, the Advent of the ‘Hearables ‘.

In 2017, the “hearables”, these objects adapted to the ears, should further democratize. It is thanks to the Apple Airpod that this technology should better make themselves known to the general public and push the different actors of the market to offer their own products hearables. These headphones wireless would then serve as assistant vocal, making unnecessary screens. So expect to see intelligent headphones wireless in 2017.

LVL, to Measure Their Level of Hydration

If in the practice of a sport it is interesting to follow his heart rate, the level of hydration is also important for optimal performance. The start-up BSX Athletics will come out in 2017 the bracelet LVL, for measuring constantly its level of hydration. The company has managed to raise more than a million dollars on Kickstarter. Release scheduled for next June.

In 2017 Alexa is Invited Everywhere

The voice assistant Amazon’s Alexa has invested everything sort of connected objects, watches, lamps or robots and is not about to stop. Despite the competition with Apple, Google Assistant Siri and soon with Cortana, Alexa su will compete very quickly in many smart gadgets. Do not be surprised if in 2017 you discover more and more objects connected “Alexa inside.”

Drivers Will Be More Connected in 2017

The automotive industry also gets to all connected and technology come now to our cars. Hyundai for example joined the Echo Amazon features in its applications, allowing to start his car remotely, among other things, by asking Alexa from his living room. Meanwhile Volvo wants to develop a system to measure the stress and the driver via a bracelet or a health shows connected. It may be possible to control his car with the voice…

Oculus Santa Cruz, the Future of VR in 2017

Facebook unveiled the prototype of a virtual reality helmet year-end completely autonomous. Unlike the rift or HTC Vive, the helmet will not be connected to the PC by cable and it will not need external sensors to function. The user will then be free to move without being dependent on a third machine. Although Santa Cruz release date is not yet known, there is no doubt that you will hear about the year of 2017.

What Does Evan Spiegel in 2017

Evan Spiegel, this name tell you anything? It is the CEO of Snap Inc., the new name of the company that publishes the application. It’s him and his team, who are at the origin of the connected glasses shows. These glasses 2.0 have been very successful and this first step in the world of connected objects might well not be the last of the company American. That it is a new version of the shows or an object of any other nature.

The Fove Announces Changes in the RV in 2017

Not as well known as Oculus or HTC, Kelly is a virtual reality helmet that has a chance to do a lot about him in 2017. Planned to be released at the beginning of the year, the Fove helmet focuses especially on the eye tracking and the manufacturer is a pioneer in the field. This helmet could come do the shade to those mentioned above, the eye tracking is not a gadget but a feature which will become essential in the field of virtual reality.

Here One, Better Than the Airpod?

The Airpod by Apple are overdue, they finally got out at the end of the year. However, other intelligent headphones are going to talk about them in the year 2017. Doppler Labs is indeed going to market the One Here, which resemble wireless headphones everything there is more normal but they can accommodate any artificial intelligence and offer audio increased, among others.

2017 Will Be The Year of the Objects Connected to the Mind

If this year of many bracelets and watches connected to monitor our physical activity have emerged, 2017 could well be the year of the objects connected to the mind. Devices helping us control our breathing and we feel better, allowing ever more precise biometric measures, should happen early in the year with the bracelets Zenta or Feel, for example, expected sometime in the first half of the year 2017.

Payment Technology Without Contact in the Wearable in 2017

2017 could well be the year where payment solutions landed finally in wearable objects. This technology already present in smartphones should soon be available in our bracelets and watches online. With the acquisition of corner in last may, Fitbit, demonstrates that he has ambitions in the field. MasterCard has also accelerated development to implement the payment in the objects for the wrist.

Fitbit Will Reinvent Itself in 2017

When it comes to activity tracker, the Fitbit brand is essential, the manufacturer is the market leader. Far from resting on his laurels, with competitors who don’t stop to nibble away market share, Fitbit has announced that he is looking for new formats for its products. It is difficult to predict the plans of the manufacturer for 2017, that means, in any case, he wants to expand and could well land there where we didn’t expect it.

Autonomous Virtual Reality Will Upset the Field in 2017

We saw the first virtual reality helmets come in 2016. In 2017, it expected autonomous helmets that don’t need to be connected to a PC or to be addicted to movement sensors. Oculus is instantly with its prototype Santa Cruz, but it will also rely on Qualcomm who unveiled his VR820 at the IFA 2016 and also on Sony who is working on a stand-alone PlayStation VR. Mustn’t forget either HTC and its Oasis project knows that very few at the moment but who should make the headlines in 2017.

The First Real Smart Watch From Fitbit Will Be Released in 2017

This year Fitbit has launched its smart watch Blaze. The manufacturer made the headlines of newspapers with its acquisition of Pebble, the fallen officer, victim of a sluggish market for connected watch. With this new know-how and especially the operating system had developed Pebbble, Fitbit may well propose in 2017 a watch has been able to overshadow Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear.

2017, the Year of Mixed Reality

If 2016 was undoubtedly the year of virtual reality, mixed reality a mixture between augmented reality and virtual reality which should prédominée in 2017. Several technology giants are on it. Microsoft shows the example with his helmet Hololens and its Windows holographic platform that will allow partners to develop their own headphones. We should also find out a little more Magic Leap and his mysterious «lightfield» technology

2017, the Explosion of the Internet of Things

Impossible to talk about technology connected without mentioning the Internet of things (or IoT for Internet of Things). In 2016, the companies have invested heavily in the IoT, 145 billion according to firms IDC and Morgan Stanley. In 2017, these large firms predict that this sum will be doubled. 290 billion should be invested in this sector. Proof, at IFA 2016 nearly 60% of exhibitors were connected objects.

Hybrid Watches in Force in 2017

In the face of the decline in the market for connected watches, Apple and another Samsung will have to revise their copy. In 2017, the hybrid watches could well make their hole. These analog watches hide their notification by vibration or activity tracker features. They are much more comfortable to wear in everyday life. Often made in partnership with designers, this type of watches should to more to seduce the public. By 2016 we got to the Steel business of Withings, the Skagen Hagen Connected or even the Misfit Phase.

Daydream, I Mean Virtual Reality For All in 2017

Samsung and its VR Gear did know virtual reality to the greatest number. The problem is that this headset is compatible with smartphones of the South Korean manufacturer. On the contrary, the Google View Daydream is usable with the products of different manufacturers (LG, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.). The platform also offers many applications and games. 2017 looks so promising for Daydream.

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What Does Stacey Burr in 2017

Founder of the company Textronics Inc, pioneer in the field of textile technology, Stacey Burr today is Vice President at Adidas Wearable sports Electronics. Stacey Burr should leave its mark in the world of objects connected in 2017. Adidas would be about to launch a bracelet activity tracker, the Chameleon, which can also be worn on a daily basis. In addition, the Vice President plans to develop the Adidas coaching application so that it includes new platforms.

New revolutionary technologies of power in 2017

The main flaw of the connected objects wearable is the life expectancy of the battery. Connected bracelets and watches are always more powerful, but their battery does not follow. In 2017, the devices could become self-sufficient, using the energy of the body, like the PowerWatch Matrix for example that uses body heat as energy source. Others such as the Swarovski Shine use solar energy. 2017 we certainly full of surprises in this area.

More Clothes Connected in 2017

In 2016, connected clothes have already started to democratize a bit. Of course, this trend is expected to be confirmed later in the year 2017. Be we should thus see at the CES in Las Vegas, which will be held in early January, connect clothing manufacturers introduce their new products. Enough to convince the public to turn to these new clothes that offer a more technological big.

The ‘Machine Learning’: the Future of Connected Objects

The machine learning, or machine learning, is the key in the field of artificial intelligence and the development of still more smart objects. Without this technology that allows artificial intelligences learning, virtual assistants that are Siri or Alexa would never have emerged. It allows them to adapt to the habits of the users and anticipate their needs. This automatic learning is also essential in the design of the autonomous car. In 2017, the technology giants will put particular emphasis on this technology.

Virtual Reality For the Xbox in 2017?

In 2016, Microsoft announced a new Xbox One, the Scorpio project. This console, due for release in the summer 2016 takes the power required to run the games in virtual reality. It can be expected that the Redmond company is preparing a specially developed for the console virtual reality headset. Sony and its Playstation VR have to behave themselves…

The Drones, Which Are Still Popular in 2017

Among the technological evolutions of 2017, there also are drones. These machines flying were never as popular and manufacturers focus on ease of use. If drones are practically autonomous and can fly alone, avoid obstacles and return to their starting point. In 2017, the uses should extend to areas of monitoring areas and rescues. We also hope to see land technologies to increase their autonomy.