Fitbit Blaze In The Test: A Fitness Watch, But Still Long No Smartwatch

A colorful display, a stylish case and hidden a personal trainer: thenew fitness watch Fitbit blaze has a lot to offer. But keeps them in training also promises the data sheet? The test.
After a year, the Fitbit will blaze the Fitbit surge as a premium model of wearables manufacturer. The Fitness Watch more than a Fitnesstracker can a Smartwatch, but less than. The features include the counting of steps and floors, the calculation of calories consumed and travelled routes. A stopwatch, a timer and an alarm clock are alsobuilt like a heart rate monitor for the permanent monitoring of yourheartbeat.
A personal trainer on your wrist
Her finds all the mentioned features batch HR, also on lower fitness trackers, like the Fitbit. So the Fitbit blaze must – offer even more and has to offer. So, Fitbit has integrated into the fitness watch the Personcal coach app FitStar acquired in may 2015. Three workouts are on the clock, more can download it from the FitStar app on the clock – if I understand everything correctly as non-users of FitStar. Onthe display you very then the current exercises, as well as the timesfor the intervals and pauses. However this works only for exerciseswell, you already know. The digital Vorturner are not accurate enough for new exercises. In addition I miss acoustic signals for the startor stop an exercise, because training one can view not always on the wrist. Since I find better models such as vonMoov now with an app that makes the announcements.
However, you can with the Fitbit blaze activities precisely track. Thechoices are cycling, jogging, training with weights, treadmill, elliptical trainer, and a not more precisely defined workout. In the joggingand cycling, the fitness watch Gets the GPS data from your Smartphone unless the two are connected. And even if you want to log anysports, the blaze, like other wearables fitbit, tried performs movements to determine what drives you and that in the app to hold – what activities that last longer than a few minutes, works pretty well.
The Fitbit blaze uses Bluetooth to Exchange data with the app on your Smartphone not only, but also to show you who’s just calling. Soyou noticed that vibrates the watch on the wrist. With a quick glance, you will know whether it is worthwhile to get your phone out of your pocket. In the test, it worked too well and reliably. However, notnotifying managed of incoming text messages. Although the featurewas enabled, not only notification on the wrist arrived. In addition, the range of supported apps is very limited. Told me it was only WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, hangouts and signal.
Again a new charger
What me the fitbit blaze, and also many other wearables, sucks, is the fact that the manufacturers trust to recharge the battery on a micro-USB connector, but develop their own interfaces. At the fitness watch, you take out the casing from the bracelet, so you can put it in a charger. Holiday luggage that expands to another cable.
The battery life is up to five days according to manufacturer’s instructions. If you use the fitness watch as a Fitnesstracker, that comes out and she keeps so long through like a Fitbit charge Mr But as soon as you record activities or trained with FitStar, battery life will be reduced. In the test period of about one and a half hours sporting activities ensured already, that I the Fitbit blaze already had to recharge on the fourth day, since she no longer would have made the fifth. Until the battery is fully charged, you must come out about one and a half hours without the wearable.
Not bad, but it takes getting used to I think the operating conceptof the Fitbit blaze. I can do almost anything on the screen with touch and wipe. Only to the “back” go, I must press the button in the left margin of the fitness watch. The two buttons on the right side have a feature that you can also obtain wiping gesture, however, onlyon very few screens at all. You are actually totally useless – exceptmaybe as a design element.
Bottom line: a better Fitnesstracker
In comparison to the Fitbit surge is the Fitbit blaze become slightly fancier and better fit your own taste with the interchangeable bracelets. FitStar additionally offers a more exciting feature. But is your feature set not to run right, watches or Smartwatches. A somewhat better Fitnesstracker which more can something as example the Fitbitbatch but also twice as much costs to HR, with a non-binding price recommendation 229 euros a year older model currently in the trade remains the fitness watch.