Fit Bits First Smartwatch: Insider Confirmed the New Pebble Pictures

Fitbit 2016 bought the Smartwatch startup Pebble. We immediately suspected that the group will now produce in addition to fitness trackers also smart watches. A source inside the company confirmed the authenticity of content of the images. These reveal interesting technical details.

Fitbit Insider confirms project “Higgs”:images of Pebble successor are accurate

Fit bits first Smartwatch – probably internally called project “Higgs” – still 2017 on the market will be. First Renderbilder of the quasi-Pebble successor surfaced months ago. Now, the American tech portal has Wareable geleaked for more pictures. These were confirmed also by a Fitbit Insider to Wareable. Visually, the images remind something to fit bits fitness Tracker Fitbit blaze. See what can this tracker, video check above.

Images reveal technical details:optical pulse monitors and Oximeter?

In addition to the colours (silver, Rosé gold, grey) images reveal interesting technical details. The button configuration similar to that of Fit bits blaze and the back of Higgs is also out – probably better to the optical heart rate monitors integrate. The sensor itself is interesting but: the pictures show two red and a blue sensor. An optical pulse monitor is usually green. Here’s could be so an infrared sensor or a Pulse Oximeter, which measures the oxygen in the blood. The pulse should be with red light technology also more accurately measured. Otherwise, we assume that the new Fitbit Smartwatch most of features its Batch 2 will take over.

Fitbit takeover: The end of Pebble watch

In the year 2016, Fitbit fitness company bought the Smartwatch startup pebble that became socially acceptable with his Kickstarter campaign the Smartwatch. After the takeover was pulped the production of watches but and also the support for the products. Officially Fitbit commented on these pictures by the way, how each company would do it: “No comment.” Fitbit is currently in a phase of restructuring and had to during which some spring can be – was the brand as Market leader in the segment of fitness Tracker bumped from the throne.

More Smartwatch on

If project “Higgs” – likely gets fit bits in the autumn – on the market, we test the Smartwatch also for our Leaderboard. There you will find all relevant Smartwatch models, from the Apple Watch about the Casio WSD-F10 And the Samsung gear series.