First Specific Betting: Apple Watch Is Launch to End of March

From 9to5Mac, half with a repeatable history of successful predictions, we get the first specific dates about the Apple Watch. According to reliable sources from the Middle, Apple employees would begin to form on the device between 9 and 16 February; and the clock It would launch in late March in the United States.

The date would fit with the launch “at the beginning of the 2015”, which always assume as the first quarter of the year, and also with the launch in spring, said Angela Ahrendts. However, it is also claimed that these are only current Apple plans and always there may be delays. It is a completely new product and therefore the setbacks are more likely.

Also note the subtle difference between the websites of Apple in a number of countries: while on the American web is promised a launch “at the beginning of the 2015”, in other countries such as Spain exit is “diluted” to simply “in 2015”. We must arm ourselves with patience, but the United States will be the Apple Watch at the end of March we should not take in new details as the price range.