FDU Review


Applying is actually very easy, the only thing you need is a little patience. The completed application form will be sent to MicroEDU with the other required documents, who will forward it after review. Now it’s time to wait. After a while (I think it was 4-5 weeks for me) you get a response with further instructions and information about the further process. What is very nice is that you can contact liuxers at any time and the staff are always friendly and eager to answer questions as quickly as possible. All necessary documents will be sent to you by email or post.

The CCSP is interesting from the academic side as well as from the excursions offered and (in my opinion) conveys in-depth and lasting content and impressions. It should be noted that the demands in the individual modules vary greatly. From easy to relatively demanding, everything is available, although you have to say that everything can be done well (if you show a little seriousness). In general, one can say that it is very scholastic. Presence and participation are important to the lecturers, although it is of course difficult to control this at the beginning (the lecturers’ assistants know the names on the faces after a while, however). The courses are with other exchange students (mostly from the USA) and with regular FDU students. The English of the lecturers is ok on average. Some speak very well and without an accent, others take some getting used to. A small problem is that things can change quickly in China: For example, it is quite possible that a lecturer will spontaneously change the title of his module. If you have a learning agreement with your home university, that’s annoying. However, if you report this problem to the program coordinator at FDU in good time, it is possible that the old name will be used in the certificate.

The excursions offered every 2 weeks are interesting and varied and you should take as many as possible. Sometimes a factory is visited, sometimes it goes to another city or to a temple. However, it is also not a problem to plan trips yourself, as long as you don’t leave China or want to go to Tibet.

Study conditions

The buildings and the campus are huge and cannot be compared to a German university! The campus is very nicely laid out, with lots of trees, green areas and a small pond. A green oasis in the middle of a high-rise desert. What I can only recommend is to buy a bike, as the distances are quite long and especially when it rains you are happy to dry out quickly. The rooms are relatively modern and clean. Only the lack of English-language books is annoying, but only partially a hindrance, since you can get all the essential documents and find out the rest on the Internet (if you have a little patience).


Accommodation in Tohee International Student Residence is functional and perfectly fine for the time the program lasts. Since you can order a cleaner at any time who cleans the rooms for very little money, it is always as clean as you would like it to be. What is not great is that the air conditioning is quite inefficient and expensive. The costs for electricity, water, gas and internet are about the same as in Germany, maybe a little cheaper. Since each apartment has only one meter, the monthly costs are evenly distributed among all residents of an apartment. Unfortunately, the Internet is slow, and when there are many people surfing at the same time, it is even slower.

Shanghai and the recreational value

Shanghai is a wonderful city with a fascinating mix of small Chinese streets and modern skyscrapers. Whenever you step on the street, you have the feeling of being in the middle of life. It is a pulsating and extraordinary attitude to life. If you want, you can go partying every evening. From very cheap to very chic and expensive, everything is available. What you have to consider is that the music in Chinese clubs is very loud (sometimes much louder than in Germany).

Culinary you can find everything and if you are willing to spend a little more (that is to say, German prices) it is also very good. The small street stalls where you can eat great things even at a late hour are also beautiful and varied.

In general, you shouldn’t close yourself off to things and always be open to new things, then you can have a great time in Shanghai.

FDU Review