Elephone W2: Noble Smartwatch Sharply Reduced

Actually, there is only a watch, which is really interesting by elephone: the ELE watch. The fabled Smartwatch will be the first real Android wear of China, but for whose release we have to content ourselves with alternatives. Currently there is the elephone W2 guys from GearBest.com massively reduced, so that only around 26 euros are due.

The W2 can be hardly described as real Smartwatch, rather, it is a hybrid. The dial is indeed quite analogous, however, a Bluetooth chip in the hood is installed. Can pair with a Smartphone and when notifications or calls go up, register the W2 by means of vibration. Other features include a compulsory step counter, Schlaftracking, motion memory, and remote shutter release with a photo if you have been sitting once again too long. What you must miss is a heart step knife for extensive fitness analysis.

More style less features

A big plus point which is W2 especially the style: while I MI right now no longer want to miss my Xiaomi vol. 2, it doesn’t fit yet to any outfit. Especially for smarter looking occasions I’d wish for then a companion as the W2. Offer valid while still about a week, the quantity is limited, however, and apparently she enjoys already big demand!