Dominated Apple Watch, under 5 Percent Use a Smartwatch

Smartwatch industry. In the United States, you can see for example not even every twentieth with a smart watch.

Overall, the Smartwatch hype seems to be waning slightly. While about 15 percent in the United States while a smart companion, so equal whether Smartwatch or fitness Tracker, wear on the wrist, is of only 4.7 percent of the classical Smartwatch. In the four major European markets of Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France, the figure is only 3.2 percent. These data are also interesting: 20 percent of U.S. users takes a Smartwatch in favour of an analogue clock in Europe even 30 percent.

Apple Watch as hopefuls

Only 9.3 percent of the U.S. citizens who have so far still no Smartwatch, indicated to want to buy one in the next 12 months. In the UK, there are, however, at least 11.3 percent. However, the new Apple Watch would be the wishes of most genanntesten series 2 with features including GPS and waterproof. That shows again Apple’s market leadership, because around every third Smartwatch comes out of Cupertino – and that, even though, or perhaps just because she continue to follow their own style and not as the competition round displays and analogue clock based on. Apple’s sales slightly went down shortly before the start of the series 2, but also the relatively inexpensive series 1 could increase again sales something, because even beginners are likely to feel addressed.