DASQ: Tiger Smartwatch Now for 150 Euros

United navigation brings the first Smartwatch under the name Tiger Smartwatch into the market through its subsidiary Dasq. The Smartwatch Tiger comes with a 1.22 inch touchscreen and costs 150 euros.

The Smartwatch Tiger has an optical pulse sensor, so that you can keep the pulse the eye. Smartwatch with 122 grams the Tigers no longer among the lightweights. This has it but revealed should have with all standard functions, that today a Smartwatch. Connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and allows also to be notified about incoming emails, text messages or updates on social networks.

The TIGER Smartwatch is certified according to the standard IP66. So that it is protected against penetrating dust and water and can be used even during sport activities. Recorded in previous steps and calories burned, the Schlaftracking also dominated the Smartwatch. The clock on it draws attention to the long inactivity that a little exercise would not damage the carrier.

The Tiger Smartwatch can remote be used as for the Smartphone camera. Because the manufacturer of DASQ Electronics also missed a speaker you, she on request also serves as a hands-free device for calls. The integrated battery pack has a capacity of 300 mAh and stay up to three days. Load the supplied docking station is the watch over.

Availability and price

The Tiger Smartwatch has all the common features, which may be required by a device of this product category. She both Android and iOS is compatible. The wearable now at the price can be purchased from 149,95 euro. Thus, the elegant Smartwatch in stainless steel is a low-cost alternative to most of the Android wear devices, if you can forgo the extensibility with apps.