Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Kazakhstan

Visa application

There is a visa-free regime between Kazakhstan and Russia today. When entering the country, it is enough to present a foreign or general passport. Soon it is planned to switch to visiting the country with international passports. During a visa-free entry, a stay in the country is meant for no more than 90 days; at the end of the period, it is necessary to issue temporary residence for staying in the territory of Kazakhstan. Check a2zdirectory for history of Kazakhstan.

At the time of entry into Kazakhstan, each citizen receives an immigration card, which is stamped with the date of entry. This card is confiscated while leaving the country by border guards. On the card are marked registration at the place of stay and resignation of accounting bodies.

Citizens arriving from abroad, after crossing the state border, must register at the place of temporary or permanent residence within 5 days. For registration of foreign citizens, it is necessary to present identification documents and immigration cards obtained upon entry.

Since the beginning of 2006, all citizens arriving through Dostyk-Alashankou (international railway checkpoint), through the airports of Kazakhstan (Astana and Almaty are no exception), through Khorgos, Bakhty, Kolzhat, Maykapchagay, Dostyk, Korday (international road checkpoints), through Bautino and Aktau (seaports) – enjoy the right to obtain registration at the indicated border points. Registration does not apply to other points of entry, with the exception of the railway tracks from Russia, therefore, upon arrival, you must contact the registration authorities within 5 days.

Citizens of 28 states are exempt from registration with a visa: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Greece, Great Britain, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Germany, Finland, Republic of Korea and Japan.

An administrative fine will be imposed on a citizen who violates the registration rules.

Quite often, the lack of registration can become a reason for extortion by the border guards, especially at the borders with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, in the southern part of the country. Border authorities and the Kazakh police often intimidate tourists, threatening to seize personal property and detain them, thereby forcing them to pay bribes. Such cases were observed even if the tourist had the necessary registration. Most often this applies to citizens arriving from countries formally exempted from the need for registration. In such cases, you should definitely ask for a shift supervisor, a police squad or an officer on duty.

Obtaining a visa

Foreign citizens (natives of Kazakhstan) entering the country can obtain a private visa, valid for up to three months, to visit the graves of relatives or native places. To do this, you must submit identification documents, a birth certificate in Kazakhstan or a document confirming the burial of a close relative in Kazakhstan, as well as a certificate indicating the withdrawal from Kazakh citizenship.

Citizens of the 27 countries mentioned above can obtain a visa at the nearest embassy of Kazakhstan, for this they also need to present a completed application form, a valid passport and photographs.

Customs regulations

Imported cash national or foreign currency exceeding $3,000 is subject to mandatory written declaration. See Kazakhstan import restrictions.

You can import duty-free into the country:

up to 1 kilogram of tobacco or up to 1000 cigarettes;

up to 2 liters of spirits.

Also, duty-free import is allowed for goods, the total amount of which is not more than $500. When buying goods in the country, it is necessary to keep sales receipts in order to avoid any difficulties when leaving the country.

Import into the country is prohibited:

ammunition and weapons;

drugs and preparations containing drugs;

video products, literature and photographs that contradict the norms of Islam or are aimed at discrediting and impulsing public authorities.

Export from the country is prohibited:

rare minerals and precious stones;


hunting birds;

rare animal species.

It is worth remembering that at some border points with China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, customs officials practice making illegal demands on the transported cash. In such cases, it is necessary to call a senior officer or make a call to the trust service – at any customs point there are telephone numbers on the bulletin board.

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