Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Dominican Republic

Visa application

Despite the fact that there has been an agreement on a visa-free regime between Russia and the Dominican Republic for many years, the government of a friendly country regularly meets guests from across the ocean. Thus, since 2013, concessions have been introduced for processing basic documents for the right to enter the Dominican Republic. Check a2zdirectory for history of Dominican Republic.

According to the current agreement, tourists from Russia can enter the territory of the Dominican Republic for up to 30 days without a visa. For this you will need to have:

Passport valid at the time of departure from the Dominican Republic. Until 2013, the required validity of a passport was 1 month.

Travel voucher. It must be issued in advance at the Dominican consulate located in Moscow.

Upon presentation of these two documents at Santo Domingo Airport, the so-called tourist card is handed to the guest. For those who save their own time, it can be issued in advance – just apply with this request to the consulate and pay for the service.

If the period of stay in the Dominican Republic exceeds 30 days, then there are two ways to go. The first way is to extend the tourist card for up to 60 days at the Santo Domingo Migration Service. But this option does not always work, because the organization may not work on the right day.

In order to secure your stay in the Dominican Republic as much as possible and guarantee yourself a long vacation, there is a second way – advance registration of a tourist visa. For this you need:

Passport and copies of its completed pages. It must be valid until the moment of departure from the Dominican Republic.

Russian passport with copies of all pages.

Completed application form in English or Spanish. Filled out by hand, strictly block letters and a black ballpoint pen. A sample application form can be obtained from the website of the consulate.

One color photo 4×5 cm. The picture is taken against a white background. The photography service is provided in the consulate building.

Help from the place of work. Must have the seal of the organization, as well as the following information:

The position of the employee and the scope of his activities;

Salary information for the last year (salary + bonuses).

Bank statement confirming the availability of the necessary amount to stay in the Dominican Republic. Calculation formula: $1,000 per person for every 30 days.

For schoolchildren and students – a certificate from the place of study, certified by the signature of the head of the institution and the seal.

For pensioners – a copy of the pension certificate and a sponsorship letter (if necessary).

For non-working tourists – sponsorship letter attached to certificates of employment and bank account statement of the sponsor.

All documents submitted in Russian must have a certified Spanish translation. A qualified translator who has completed it must indicate his contact details at the end of each translation for feedback and necessary clarifications.

It is highly desirable that all travel documents be submitted to the consulate personally by a tourist, and not by a courier. In this case, the chances of promptly obtaining a visa and even a tourist card increase several times.

Visa processing time

The standard processing time for a visa to the Dominican Republic is 12 business days. Consideration of documents begins the day after the application is submitted. In the midst of the tourist season, slight increases in these terms are possible.

Issuing a tourist card at the Moscow Consulate takes no more than a week.

An applicant may be refused a visa or a tourist card in the following cases:

Loan/alimony debts;

outstanding criminal record;

Errors in completed documents.

Consular fee

The amount of the consular fee depends on the urgency of obtaining documents for the right to enter the Dominican Republic.

A tourist card issued in advance will cost $ 15, at the airport upon arrival – $ 10.

A standard tourist visa, issued in 10-12 days, costs $150.

An express visa, issued in 5-7 days, costs $200.

An urgent visa, issued in 2-3 days, will cost $ 250.

Consuls of the Dominican Republic do not collect service fees from Russian tourists.

If a visa is refused, the money will not be returned.

Customs regulations

Allowed duty-free importation into the Dominican Republic

Tobacco products – no more than 200 cigarettes or one box of cigars;

Alcohol with a strength of more than 22% (vodka, cognac, whiskey, brandy) – no more than 1 liter ;

Alcohol with a strength of less than 22% (red and white wine, champagne, liqueurs, brandy) – no more than 2 liters ;

Coffee – no more than 500 grams ;

Gifts and souvenirs – for a total value of not more than $ 100 ;

Electronics and personal household appliances – in a reasonable amount with mandatory inclusion in the declaration. See Dominican Republic import restrictions.

Prohibited from entering the Dominican Republic

Any food products that do not have trademarks and sealed factory packaging;

Meat and dairy products;

Any type of weapon, ammunition and accessories to them;

Narcotic substances of any origin and properties;

Cash over $10,000;

Extremist literature, copies of films and other materials prohibited in the Dominican Republic.

Export from the Dominican Republic is prohibited

Any products from the core of a palm tree;

Over 50 cigars;

Seeds and flowers of national varieties of orchids;

Finds of historical value.

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