Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Abkhazia

Visa application

Abkhazia is one of the states for entry into which Russian citizens do not need a visa. Depending on the purpose of the visit, one of the internal documents will be required, as well as some certificates and insurance policies.

To cross the checkpoint “Adler”, which is located on the Russian-Abkhazian border, you must have one of the following documents:

  • Russian passport
  • Passport of the Russian Federation
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Sailor’s passport

If you cross the border along the pedestrian zone, then the tax from tourists is not taken. If you are traveling by car, you will have to pay a transport fee of 300 rubles, as well as present a driver’s license, registration certificate and a power of attorney to drive transport if the car is registered to another person.

Since 2014, the OSAGO policy has not been valid on the territory of Abkhazia, so motorists will need to purchase a local insurance policy. Its price will depend on the duration of stay in the territory of the republic. All information is given by customs officers immediately upon crossing the border.

Each guest of Abkhazia is obliged to issue a compulsory medical insurance policy. It is issued on the spot to every tourist aged 6 years and older. Small children do not need this document. The term of the policy is from 3 to 30 days. In the first case, its cost will be only 30 rubles, in the second – 250 rubles.

When entering Abkhazia, children under 14 years of age must have a birth certificate of a child with a special insert on citizenship, or a stamp. For a child from 14 to 18 years old, you will need a Russian passport or a foreign passport. When traveling with parents, customs officers have the right to have a conversation with the child, where they will ask his name and the names of his parents.

Consent from the second parent, required in most countries, if someone is traveling with a child alone, is not required in Abkhazia.

Customs regulations

The customs standards of Abkhazia today are not strict. Most of the amendments introduced for crossing the border are initiated by the Russian side. For 2015, the customs rules of Abkhazia are as follows.

Allowed duty-free import to Abkhazia

  • Alcoholic drinks (any strength) – no more than 2 liters per person ;
  • Tobacco products (cigarettes) – no more than 200 pieces per person ;
  • Tobacco products (cigars) – no more than 50 pieces per person ;
  • Tobacco (in its pure form) – no more than 250 grams ;
  • Gasoline or diesel fuel – no more than 20 liters ;
  • Jewelry made of precious metals and stones – no more than 5 items ;
  • Any currency in cash – no more than 10 thousand dollars (according to the current exchange rate);
  • Photo and video equipment for amateur photography;
  • Electronics (laptop, audio player, tablet) for personal use;
  • Medical devices (glucometer, blood pressure monitor, etc.) upon presentation of a certificate from a doctor ;
  • Clothing and personal hygiene items (in a reasonable amount).

Import to Abkhazia is prohibited

  • Any narcotic preparations of plant or synthetic origin;
  • Firearms, gas, pneumatic and edged weapons, including copies, as well as collectible models;
  • Means of self-defense (stun guns, batons, gas cartridges, etc.);
  • Electronics, household appliances and accessories for them that do not have a serial number;
  • Literature, films, magazines and other publications that violate the current legislation of Russia and Abkhazia.

Export from Abkhazia is prohibited

  • Eucalyptus, boxwood and propolis – in any quantity ;
  • Honey in proper packaging – over 3 liters per person ;
  • Dairy, meat and canned fish products of home production or without factory packaging and trademarks;
  • Jewelry, art, antiques and other valuables not specified in the declaration.

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