Cronovo: The First Smartwatch with ECG in the Crowdfunding

The company Cronovo Inc. from England has started a Crowdfunding campaign to kick start a few days ago, with which it wants to fund the Cronovo Smartwatch. While it’s a Smartwatch which can measure heart activity in ECG quality according to the manufacturer.

Cronovo resembles at first glance of a normal Smartwatch. But a difference is on the inside, an ECG sensor is used, which allows a very accurate heart rate measurement as in the hospital. An optical pulse monitor is also on board. The Smartwatch on the carrier should determine abnormalities that indicate a heart attack, this sends a message to stored contacts. In addition to his ECG functionality, the new Smartwatch includes metabolism-rate tracking. That means the clock is able to detect if their users increased or decreases.

Also, the Smartwatch has all the standard features which should nowadays have a Smartwatch. So is recorded, for example, the cumulative distance in addition to the steps, calorie consumption measured and monitored the sleep. Connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and allows also to be notified about incoming emails, text messages or updates on social networks. A full battery charge is sufficient for up to 5 days.

Kickstarter project successfully funded

Interested parties can support the Cronovo project via the kickstarter. The campaign runs 2017. until 28th January so far achieved nearly 48,000 pounds of self-set target of £ 25,000. At the current time, special package for 104 pounds, around 120 euros, to choose is the Early Bird.