Costs for Studying in Chile

The question of how the costs for a semester abroad in Chile can be covered is a matter of concern to many interested students. With early planning , most German students can afford to study abroad in Chile. For this, however, it is important to keep an eye on all possible costs that may arise so that there are no financing gaps.

Tuition expenses

The quality of the Chilean universities is now recognized worldwide . In international university rankings such as the US News and World Report, the Universidad de Chile even ranks among the top 200 universities.

Due to this good quality of study at both public and private universities, the tuition fees at universities in Chile have increased somewhat in recent years. On average, international students at Chilean universities have to expect tuition fees of USD 6,500 per year. Medical students or students who have chosen a STEM subject such as engineering or maths usually pay more. Likewise, the average fees for doctoral or MBA programs for international students are significantly higher.

Cost of Living in Chile

The standard of living in Chile is very high compared to other Latin American countries such as Peru or Ecuador. While food and travel are cheap, rents are relatively high. Including ancillary costs and internet, they correspond to around USD 320 per month – depending on the region and the district.

When it comes to food, Germans travel relatively cheaply in Chile . Only food that has to be imported from abroad is expensive. Exchange students only have to reckon with costs of around USD 150 per month for meals.

Most students live in private apartments or shared flats while studying abroad in Chile. The rental prices vary greatly depending on the region . In the cities the rent for an apartment ranges from USD 230 to USD 400. Students can usually live with a host family for less. A room including meals is available for as little as USD 200. Some of the Chilean universities also offer rooms in student dormitories, but there is often only a limited selection available.

Public transport is inexpensive in Chile, with the exception of the capital Santiago. Short-haul bus tickets only cost the equivalent of around USD 0.60. In addition, students can visit sights in many Chilean cities for free.

The costs for studying abroad in Chile are of course highly dependent on the respective location. For this reason, testimonials from former students in particular help to get an idea of ​​the costs that await you at the respective university of your choice.

Study costs: financing options

The costs of studying abroad in Chile vary depending on the place of study, degree program and the desired standard of living. Of course, these also depend on the budget available. In order to have enough financial resources for the semester abroad in Chile, students should find out about various financing options.

Foreign BAföG

In many cases, German students can at least partially finance the costs of studying abroad in Chile with BAföG abroad .

Anyone who goes to Chile for at least one semester can apply for BAföG abroad. Even students who do not receive a domestic BAföG have a good chance of receiving the funding. The assessment limits for foreign BAföG are higher than for domestic BAföG.

Those who receive funding can usually at least partially finance a semester abroad in Chile: the tuition fees are subsidized with up to EUR 4,600 for the tuition fees and EUR 500 each for the outward and return journey. In addition, students receive a supplement for international health insurance.

The Studentenwerk Bremen answers all questions about BAföG abroad for Chile.


Those who cannot take advantage of this state support should consider other financial aids. There are many options, especially for short-term stays abroad, such as a semester abroad in Chile. In particular, students should consider whether they are eligible for a scholarship.

The best known are the DAAD scholarships . In addition, many foundations and organizations for the promotion of talented students award scholarships for a stay abroad. In order to receive a scholarship, students must mostly meet performance-related criteria. College Contact customers also have the option of receiving one of ten subject-related partial scholarships each semester .

Student loans and education funds

Another financing option is student loans. The costs for a semester in Chile can usually be paid for with a student loan or an education fund. However, the student loans should always be carefully checked for conditions and modalities with regard to repayment.

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