Colleague Where Is Sapphire of My IPhone 6?

After the wait, we already have the 6 iPhone or iPhone 6 Plus in your hands. Finally. You open the box and there it is, giving you the welcome. You take it and you hold in your hands for the first time. You remove the clear plastic that protects the back and doubts about whether you should do the same with the front. At least until the screen saver that you took care to get online. Then you remember having read that the new iPhone 6 incorporated a unbreakable Sapphire Crystal.

Accustomed to live on the edge and no more questions, you decide to get rid of the plastic protector. Freedom. What could go wrong? Before you continue with this “madness” have to give bad news: there is no screen of Sapphire. Most likely He was never in the plans of Apple and there are serious doubts that has intentions to incorporate it into their phones in the future.

Apple, what did you do with my iPhone 6 Sapphire?

I acknowledge that I am who believed the rumor of the Sapphire screens on the new iPhone. After months of speculation and continuous Advanced GT news, the company that Apple supposedly teamed up to make the, everything seemed to fit perfectly. Sapphire sounded like strength, sophistication and luxury. Sounded like Apple.

The truth is that I enarqué an eyebrow when I heard Phil Schiller saying that new iPhones rode a glass screen (in other words, Gorilla Glass) during the keynote. But I didn’t have time to think about it calmly. Taking advantage of that already has been released the iPhone in Spain and after reading this article on the subject, has time to respond to this issue. Tim Bajarin, author of the article in the online version of Time magazine, gives us the keys:

  • Design: Sapphire Crystal is 30% more dense than glass, which means that, in a world that tends toward more slender, thin and lightweight devices, this is a problem.
  • Cost: according to the sources consulted, the manufacture of a sapphire of these characteristics would be about 10 times higher cost than the current Corning glass. It may be that more. Which translates into a rise in price in a device already on its expensive.
  • Battery: it is the No. 1 problem. Sapphire transmits worse light than glass, which means that more energy is required for the same level of brightness on the screen. As an additive, may not be to have a layer of durable anti-glare.
  • Power: this glass manufacturing requires about 100 times more electrical energy than the regular. Something increasingly important for an Apple that is very concerned about the environment.
  • Durability: while this is one of the most popular benefits, not so much. The Sapphire is more scratch-resistant than glass, but is also more fragile and inflexible to the impacts.

This latter point already explained us Corning a few months ago in a video. At the time, I interpreted it as a movement by withholding to Apple as it was. Many commentators such as icelaya91 pointed out that not were suitable its use since it’s a harder material but also more brittle.

Where is all the GT Advanced Sapphire?

Sapphire, a very familiar material of Haute Horlogerie

Now that the iPhone 5 and 5s have become previous generations, will no longer need so much Sapphire lens of your camera or Touch ID button. Then, what was is preparing along with GT Advanced Apple at its plant in Arizona? Where he is going to stop all that Crystal Sapphire, or is that perhaps this is also a story?

The answer to these questions had them during the keynote of the past day 9. All of that material is going to stop the new Apple Watch. However, as Apple says on its own website, not all models will have this crystal on their screens. The Sport collection is which remains outside. Only Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition versions take this exclusive material.

Sapphire Crystal has been used for a long time in the watchmaking industry. All of the qualities that has been discarded on our iPhones are that just make it the ideal candidate for a device on the wrist. A clock is almost always on the wrist or on the bedside table, so the risk of impact on the ground is far less than a phone that is constantly coming out of our pockets or bags. On the other hand, a clock is also much more susceptible to scratches from day to day. Just the strength of Sapphire.

It is interesting that the Watch incorporated this type of glass, at least in higher versions. A material that fits into your strategy Union of Haute Horlogerie with high technology. Once more and by many leaks that we see, the rumors do not stop being that. Rumors.