Code Name “Halfbeak”: Photos Surfaced Of Htcs Smartwatch

HTC Halfbeak is still in development? Many smartphone makers have released since 2014 Smartwatches. What HTC is concerned, so there are only rumors and leaks for years by a model which is to bear the code name “Halfbeak”. Even if is not known at what stage of development is the wearable, so new photos indicate that the development is still progressing.
At first glance, the gadget in the new photos is very similar to the Smartwatch wasseen most recently in the October 2016 gel files recorded. Is unique in the pictures, met with dieAndroid police at Weibo, again to see a wearable with HTC and thesporting goods manufacturer under armour logos. Also the heart rate monitor and a series of contact pins that can be used to recharge the battery, is a picture towhich you want to show the back of the Smartwatch.
Hope to make a small change
Even if the photos do appear, they could come from the same photo session thatdelivered impressions of the HTC “Halfbeak” in October, is the prototype that is towatch this time, apparently to a different model. The most obvious difference: Onthe edge of the housing to the round screen of the Smartwatch, also a red arrow is this time in addition to a small gray arrow to see. Also the housing around the edges is a piece of round, while to see were some harder edges and bulges in theolder photos.
With the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona would actually be a perfect stage for a presentation of the “Halfbeak”-given Smartwatch. The wearable is presented but really soon is questionable for several reasons: a the new images show that apparently Android wear runs 1.3 on the gadget, although already version 1.5 is available and early February 2017 appears Android wear 2.0. In addition thefact that HTC economically is not the most stable company in the mobile sector and turns yet no Smartwatch as real box-office hit.