Casio WSD-F20 In The Hands-On: Outdoor Smartwatch With Androidwear 2.0

The predecessor Smartwatch liked us, yet has managed the manufacturer on the Casio WSD-F20 have a few things to improve. There are wear of Android 2.0.
“If it works out in the next version with the GPS chip, there is really hardly anything that speaks against the Casio.” That was the bottom line to the Casio smart outdoor Watch (WSD-F10), which has cut offwith a grade 8.8 very well with us. At CES, 2017 have the Japanese now presented the successor, the Casio WSD-F20 – and actually builta GPS chip. With its help you can also navigate trekking adventuresor other outdoor activities.
If you previously download the appropriate map material from Mapbox on the clock, the Smartphone can stay home even complete.On this new offline map, you can mark points along the way, that you enjoyed particularly good or where such good fishing spots are located. In addition, Casio installed a new Watchface that can display many information. Which can you select directly on the dial and itmust not go in the settings or an extra Watchface app.
Android wear 2.0 with play store on board
On the outside not much has happened. The clock is always still very robust. Most noticeable changes: there is now more than three buttons. The air pressure sensor and the charger were present at itspredecessor. In addition, the Casio WSD F20 is waterproof up to adepth of 50 meters. Nothing has happened on the screen size andthe resolution. Resolves the 1.32-inch touch screen with 320 x 320 pixels. There is a light sensor on the bottom. As with its predecessor,Casio puts a monochrome display on the LCD that displays only date and time, if you just don’t want the Smartwatch functions. Super! Because as the Smartwatch saves power and extends their battery life.
As the operating system is Android wear 2.0 on board. This meansthat you have new ways to navigate through your apps. In addition,the upcoming system brings the play store on the Smartwatch. So,you can install applications on the clock without having to download them to your Smartphone. That should delight especially willing to purchase iPhone owners that can extend the functionality of Android wear watches until now nothing to apps. In addition, Google had announced to bring the Google Assistant with Android wear 2.0 on Smartwatches. For the owners of the previous clock, there is reason to joy, by the way: Casio promises the operating system updatefor the WSD-F10.
Preliminary conclusion: exposure in the right places
Casio shows how established technology companies and offers useful new features of WSD-F20. In addition current software used, which makes the watch more independent of the Smartphone. Top! Casio’s new outdoor watch will be available in the April 2017. Cost: 499 euros.