Buy Yu V3: Smartwatch Leather Bracelet with Many Functions

The Yu V3 is a Smartwatch with a relatively big screen and is aimed primarily at all those who want to play sports. They make numerous functions and a big battery. We’ll introduce them to you.

Round and multilingual

The Yu V3 is a Smartwatch will be coupled to a Smartphone that supports the Bluetooth 4.0. It comes with a 1.3-inch screen and a Mediatek MTK2502C processor. Your battery has a capacity of 380 mAh. The bracelet is made of genuine leather and the clock supports a number of languages, including German.

She was fitted with a heart rate monitor, with which you have your heart rate at a glance. You can play music and needed a Smartphone. It is within easy reach of the watch, you can synchronize the Yu V3 via Bluetooth. Software side, there is an interactive fitness trainer, which gives individual tips.

In addition, it comes with different dials, so that you can not only somehow read off the time, but you can do it according to your taste. Thanks to the connection via Bluetooth, it can be connected with an iPhone or Android device and then exchanging SMS or make telephone calls.

In the offer

The Yu V3 is currently on sale at TomTop. There you can order it at a cost of 43,59 euro if you enter the coupon code “VE5OFF”.