Buy LEMFO E07S: Simple Smartwatch for Little Money

Is the LEMFO E07S a smart bracelet or already a Smartwatch? Anyway: it’s a tool, to display the time, coupling to a Smartphone with the ability to record data. It’s a fitness bracelet so at least once. If not a Smartwatch. And a fairly cheap.

Technical data

The LEMFO E07S is a watch, which was equipped with an OLED touch screen. Bluetooth 4.0, she communicates with Androidor iOS Smartphones (Android 4.3 iOS from 7.0). It is waterproof to IP67 and can assume different functions. So, she monitored the sleep and is reminiscent of the regular standing up. In addition the camera of smartphones can be thus trigger. You can grab the notifications of smartphones and display them.

The LEMFO E07S is able to evaluate different sports such as cycling, running, swimming or jumping rope. The battery has a capacity of 90 mAh. Thanks to the efficient OLED technology and Bluetooth 4.0 which should result in some days of standby. According to the manufacturer, the model for women as well as men is suitable. The screen is rectangular.

Cheap Smartwatch

How ever the classification has failed: the device is cheap. It can be ordered online for just 14 euros at Gearbest.