Buy GW01: the Smartwatch in Watch Fur

Usually, you can see a Smartwatch at first glance which device it is. Not so with the GW01. Once, she looks like a normal watch. But she can connect with the Smartphone and so do some useful things.

With mesh bracelet

The GW01 is a Smartwatch which was equipped with a 1.3-inch screen. He is round and represents 240 × 240 pixels. The clock itself was made of aluminium, stainless steel strap. Installed a Mediatek was MTK2502A processor and 64 MB RAM and 128 MB of Flash memory.

The battery has a capacity of 360 mAh and can be recharged with a contactless charging cable. You can the GW01 with an iPhone or an AndroidSmartphone connect. This 7 is iOS or Android 4.3 (both new) required.

The Smartwatch can fulfil several functions. She is able to measure the pulse, to count the steps, to evaluate the sleep, to remotely control Siri or to trigger the Smartphone camera. The manufacturer promises that the battery can stay in standby for 7 days, alternatively it can be used for 2 days before charging a charger.In the offer

The GW01 is currently on sale at our site. You can purchase the clock there at a price of 53.77 euro.