Buy CACGO K89: Serious Smartwatch with Steel Bracelet

Must Smartwatches look so as to be nerd toys? No, they don’t have to and the CACGO K89 proves it. They comes in a discreet, serious look. The bracelet is made of steel and a refined impression.

Everything inside, everything on it

The Cacgo K89 comes with a 1.2-inch touchscreen display, which represents 240 × 240 pixels on his round Panel. The installed processor is a Mediatek MTK2502, 128 MB RAM and 64 MB of disk space available. According to its own system was played up. It does but not detract from the function. The Smartwatch can come up with all kinds of Bluetooth functions like telephony, SMS or the intervention of push notifications. It is also possible to trigger the camera of smartphones from a distance or to komtrollieren the music.

The Smartwatch can be used for various fitness features. She has a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and recalls getting up at regular intervals. In addition, she can watch sleep.

The battery has a capacity of 300 mAh. It should be fully charged in 2 hours and allow a standby time of 4-5 days. The clock was designed so that it is sustainable both for men and for women. It works also with all major smartphones, just whether they are iPhones or Android-based devices. Only Bluetooth 4.0 would be desirable.

Buy now

The Cacgo K89 is currently on offer. She can be purchased at Gearbest . There, she is listed at a price of around 33 euros.