BLOCK Modular Smartwatch Appears at the FCC

Already at the end of this year Smartwatch of likely to be shipped the BLOCK modular to – already, the team, which is behind the project, diligently collects pre-orders. Those who last year helped the Kickstarter campaign, have to worry about.

Some demo videos already swimming around in the net – co founder Serge Didenko revealed quite a bit about the design and hardware. Now however you can look quite good on the BLOCK watches or the individual modules thanks to the FCC. On the official site of the FCC, the documentation can be traced with – so there is for example, photos to see individual modules or even close-ups of internal components – for example the 300 mAh powerful main battery, and also the smaller 95 strong mAh extended battery.

How does the principle?

There’s a user’s Guide, which describes how the clock works there. The system behind the BLOCK Watch includes a 400 x 400 pixel resolution display and may contain a band which can be composed of several modules – such as GPS, batteries, a heart rate monitor or other hardware. Based on Android , the Smartwatch notes which modules constellation currently act as a band–but here no Android Wear is used, because the system requires extra functions to represent the block construct.

As described in the manual, the clock responds to a variety of gestures, offers a large number of Watchfaces and comes with an extra menu for settings. In addition, there will be also a programmable module exciting erweise. The BLOCK for less than 300 euros here is available.