Azzaro Fashion Watch – 1962, Paris, France

Azzaro Fashion Watch


Azzaro Fashion Watch



Main Categories:

Haute couture, ready-to-wear, perfume, jewelry, watch, accessories


Time and place: 1962, Paris, France

Early products: clothing, perfume

Founder: Loris Azzaro

Headquarter Location:

Paris, France

Worldwide Locations:

France, Spain, Germany, Italy, US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina,

New Arrivals


Price Range: 

Watches: USD50-USD847.03

Official Website:


I ain’t gonna start saying that battery is something like the heart of the clock, because I do not think that it is so. It is clear that it is an essential element for its operation and so important that even it may cause the destruction of its mechanism. But I think that compared to the heart would be excessive. I prefer to see it as the food that makes it work.

Watch Type

If you are minimally crafty and enjoy dismantling electronic devices and other gadgets, you can have a fun time. Replace the battery to a wristwatch is a simple speech that it will not take you more than 5 or 10 minutes, you will save some money and you will be the satisfaction of having done your own.

If instead, you hate everything that have small parts, have no patience or suffer evil known as ‘hands of lard’, I recommend strongly to send me the clock and let the battery change is done by a professional. Your clock will thank you.

In any case, take your time and not hurry.

Before You Start

If you ask any watchmaker which is the first commandment in the repair of watches, you will probably tell you something as well as ‘the order and cleanliness are everything in this profession’.

So, start at the beginning and prepares a comfortable place to work. Nothing to remove your clock on the desktop you have beside the window, awash with papelajos, bank cards and mounds of folded socks that you have not yet saved in the closet.

The table in which you are going to work must be clear and clean, well lit, and allow you to change the battery to a wrist watch sitting in a comfortable position.

Before opening the watch, clean the CAP with a brush’s hardness intermediate and remove dirt that may exist between the case and the strap or bracelet. If you don’t have any of watchmaker, you can use a toothbrush. Make sure not to get out there remains of skin, mites of dust, dirt or other impurities that might fall within the box by removing the lid.

You Open The Watch

The two most common types of cover are the thread and the pressure:

·         Wallpaper thread

A jaxa wrenchyou need to open the screw caps. Forget inventions rare and strange tricks. Anything to try with a pair of pliers or pliers, or a queseyo nosequé. Each tool is for what it is and use one wrong can bring disastrous consequences, from scratch the watch case to end with a pair of scissors stuck in one eye.

If you are looking for a little online you can find them from 6 or 7 euros. Although these prices are low quality and are made with poor materials, will be used to get you out of trouble if not the you use very often. Oneblack leg’will cost you about 90 or 100 euros, a price a bit high if only will it use once or twice a year.

By turning the wheel behind, you get closer or away between if the two jaws of the upper part of the jaxa. And by turning the handle, you do raise or lower third. Hold the watch in the Palm of your left hand (if you’re right-handed) and fit the key into the notches in the top teeth. Make sure you set them to the exact distance and that all three are perfectly embedded.

Help with the thumb of the left hand to press the jaxa against the case and not slipping. Push the handle counterclockwise and get that lid is unscrew half a turn. You can finish unscrewing the lid pushing it with both thumbs.

Do not try to open the cover using only two of the jaws key or with these poorly adjusted, since the only thing that you will get will be jaxa to slip when you turn it and rayarás your watchcase.

Sometimes, the covers are closed too strong and will need to immobilize the clock in a vise instead of your hand.

·         Pressure wallpapers

For pressure covers, you only need a watchmaker knife.

Such funds have a small notch where you can support the knife to pry. Take your time to locate it.

Don’t make the mistake usual hurry too much and try to open the cover by force by either side. Sometimes it goes well, especially if you have some practice and is not too hard. But in most cases you only get pinching lid and box.
Once found the notch, hold the watch in your left hand (again, if you’re right-handed). Place the blade of the knife in the recess and add a small touch of wrist. It’s more mana than force issue, so if you are not the first don’t get to push more and more strong.

Make sure the tool rests securely in the Groove and improves your wrist coup.

You will hear a ‘cloc’ characteristic that will tell you that you just open the watch successfully.

Now you do not throw the lid, this is not a yogurt.

Extract The Battery

You’ve already opened the watch. Be careful to not drop anything and put it in front of you.

It is likely that the stack hold in place with the help of a small clamp. Some can be moved using a pair of tweezers or a small screwdriver. Others will require that you loose one or two screws to remove the battery.
If you need to remove the screws completely, I recommend that you targets them inside a box, instead of letting them loose on the table. They are very small pieces and they can go rolling, pushed by a stream of air or hang your jersey sleeve.

This advice is not only useful to change the battery of a wristwatch, I invite you to put it into practice whenever you disassemble any appliance.

Extract the battery with tweezers. You should not notice any resistance and would have to go almost alone. Where it is not, follow not pulling. Check if there is a second flange or any tab that immobilizes it.

Check The Battery Charge

To do this, you’ll use a multimeter. Make sure that in the mode of measurement of voltages and places one of the needles on one side of the housing of the battery and the other at the top.

The batteries commonly used in watches tend to be 1.5 or 3 volts. Any lower value indicates that not are already at full load and can stop the clock function. This is a signal that the time has come to change it.

If on the other hand, the battery voltage is correct, the problem is elsewhere. It makes no sense that you change it, since the clock will still not work. Close it and Let me go, I’ll give you a detailed diagnosis and a budget in a few days.

You can know more about the batteries in this article on the characteristics of the batteries.

Check The Battery Reference

·         What does it mean?

The most frequent is that the reference of a battery is something like SR626, LR921 or CR2016.

The first two letters indicate you the battery type:

    • CR: lithium
    • LR: alkaline
    • SR: silver oxide

The last two digits tell you the height in millimeters.

Central digits you inform the diameter, in millimeters.

Lithium are always larger and are often used in digital watches with many functions.

For each measure of Silver Oxide batteries are alkaline equivalent. Although the price of the latter is lower, I advise that you only use Silver Oxide batteries. They usually last up to 5 times longer and the components used to manufacture them are of better quality. This minimizes the chances that the acid they expel and damage your watch.

It is very important that you choose the correct size battery. Both diameter and height.

Although one of equal diameter and different height to fit and provide the same voltage, it may cause malfunctions in your watch.

·         The batteries are discharged when stored

The batteries are made with chemicals and inside begin to reactions occur from the moment they are manufactured. This causes an annual self-discharge of around 10%.

Do not buy large quantities of batteries to get a better price if you think that you’re to be stored for a long time.

A battery that has been stored 5 years already has consumed half of its cargo.

·         Not all brands offer the same quality

Please note that batteries are like any other article of the market. There are more expensive and cheaper and of varying quality. You can find variations of duration between brands and others.

My advice is that you run from them that are too inexpensive and rely on brands.

Place The Battery In Place

Already you have opened the watch, removed the old battery and elected a new. You have half of the job done!

Before placing the new, check with the multimeter. Sometimes downloading by being in disrepair or stored for too long. You are so sure that you put one in perfect condition and no doubt if you see that your clock does not work when you close it.
It is located pile carefully in your accommodation, without forcing it. Again, it should go it alone at his site. If it doesn’t fit, check that the flanges and tabs that you aflojaste before are not obstructing their way.

Again leave the clamp that holds the battery in place initial and reposition the screws if any.

Close Watch

Before closing the clock, you remove any dirt that may be on the top or in the box, especially in areas in which they are in contact.

Make sure that the o-ring is properly positioned on your website. You can remove it, apply some silicone grease and replace it on your website.

Now be careful. Close to your patient and you don’t forget gauze, a scalpel or the keys of the car inside.

·         Pressure caps

Hold clock between the fingers and thumb of both hands and press the lid firmly. You will hear a ‘clock’ dry when closed.

If you do not, place it with the lid towards high on a surface completely flat and try again by force against her. Do not hit it and applied the pressure in the area of the CAP closest to the edges.

Check that the lid is closed securely.

·         Screw caps

Now going to perform the same procedure that you gave to open it, but in reverse.

Drops top in place and close it by pushing your thumbs in a clockwise direction. Be careful and pay attention if the o-ring out of its groove and stay bite between the cover and box.

When you can not do more strength with your fingers, use the jaxa wrench to turn it a quarter turn more.

Set The Time and Verifies Its Performance

Can you see? Replace the battery to a wristwatch is not so difficult.

Now just set the time and make sure that it works you are missing. Those who have power are the easiest to evaluate. In those who do not have it, you have to wait a couple of minutes until the minute hand moves.

Send The Old Battery To Recycle

Remember that batteries are highly polluting elements and you must not throw them never away.

Place them in a special battery collection container, deliver them in clean point of your town or send it to me in a letter by regular mail.

The environment is a thing of all.

In Summary…

To change the battery to a wristwatch simply you have to follow these simple steps:

1.     You open the watch with a jaxa wrench or a watchmaker knife

2.     Extract the battery using tweezers

3.     Check the load using a multimeter

4.     Select another battery of the same voltage and measurement

5.     Place it on your website without forcing it

6.     Close watch with care

7.     Recycle the old battery

And you, have you already tried to change the battery to a wrist watch in your House? What is your brand of battery of confidence? Have you lost a screw by not using the box trick?