Arrive and Succeed: Rooms at Hotels Starwood Are Ready to Be Opened with The IPhone or Apple Watch

As mentioned in the keynote of September, some hotels are preparing to have a new advantage: customers can access to their rooms using the iPhone or Apple Watch instead of a traditional card or time. The first to do so was the chain Starwood, that manages hotels like the Aloft, the Element or the W (in the picture you can see the present in Barcelona).

Although somewhat asocial, the system will be very comfortable: we will book the room online, we will unload the hotel application on the iPhone, will receive in her room number and when we get we can ignore the reception staff to go directly to the room opening it with the mobile or the clock.

The NFC chip is not involved in this, everything works via Bluetooth. Therefore it can work with iPhone 4S and later addition with mobiles of other platforms. But if you read this from Applesfera means that, like me, you’re already dreaming to bring your Apple Watch at the door of a hotel and enter in your room without further difficulties. Hilton, another well known chain of hotels worldwide, will premiere the same system in ten of its U.S. real estate at the beginning of the 2015.