Apple Watch Website Was Updated Revealing New Details of The Clock

Apple has quietly updated the official website of Apple Watch to add information more specific features of the device. Now we have new sections that best describe operation of the clock and the functions which take default.

These new sections are three, for the time being only visible on the American website: Timekeeping, New ways to connect and Health & Fitness. In the first, for example, have descriptions of all the watchfaces that we have available (lunar, solar system, analog watches…) and discovered us that each theme will have several viewing options.

The New section ways to connect is dedicated to the sending personalized messages: drawings made with our finger, touches, our heart rate, or animated emoticons. It is not anything new, but that are appreciated more detailed descriptions.

Finally, the section Health & Fitness tells us how Apple Watch will encourage us to maintain healthy habits get up once every hour, walk for 30 minutes or not pass us with daily calories. Of course, we can configure all such notices for setting us custom targets.

This update is a sign that although we are not going to see in a few months, Apple is busy working around the clock to make your Watch arrives in time to the stores. Each time is less to have one of the most interesting year beginning in the world of Apple Since the presentation of the iPhone in January 2007.