Apple Watch Uses The Contact with The Skin as Safety Measure Payments

While we still hope so Apple makes its decision on the key features of the Apple Watch such as resistance to water or battery, we will gradually know other characteristics that make this device much more than what we imagined. The last to discover it is the way in which Apple Watch ensures payments and he does it in a very interesting way: contact with the skin.

We are calm all Apple Watch is not able, by now, identify ourselves through the skin. The operation is so simple that it is surprising that the solution was so simple: when we introduce our card in Apple Watch via your iPhone, is asked us a PIN safety; from that moment you can pay Apple Pay and our clock, but this will be detected at all times when it is in the wrist thanks to the LED which has on its back. As soon as he detected that we take off it Apple Watch we will again ask for PIN, previously disabling all payments through the.

Of course this simple system have a face error thieves (who already know how it works thanks to the news), but still thanks to him will be difficult that stolen us Apple Watch and begin to pay for purchases as if there were no tomorrow. Personally I think it is a good option is implemented in Apple Pay will see other companies copy it or design your own?