Apple Watch, Resolute Doubt

The presentation of the Apple Watch It has left us all wanting more. Apple spent close to an hour your new clock putting honey on the lips with great skill, but a good number are left of outstanding issues that I will try to resolve. We put its dimensions, autonomy, resistance to water or some of the peculiarities of its interface under magnifying glass scratching tracks here and there to come up with the answer that can satisfy our curiosity (at least temporarily).

Question of size

Thanks to the reverse engineering work by Paul Sprangers, we can know the dimensions approximate Watch the Apple in two sizes, 42 and 38 mm. That Yes, we must not take them at the foot of the letter, especially taking into account that the different materials used in the Watch, Sport and Edition collections can influence (very slightly) in the final size of the box.

Apple Watch dimensions
Version 42 mm 38 mm
High by wide 42 mm x 36.2 mm 38 mm x 32.8 mm
Thickness 12.4 mm 12.2 mm
Apparent thickness (without sensor) 10.4 mm 10.2 mm
Screen 1.54 inch 1.32 inches

Water resistant but not submersible.

One of the aspects that I am less convinced the Apple clock. You can carry it in the rain or wash your hands, but You must remove it before you swim or take a shower. I understand that the luxurious Edition collection models are not submersible (much more expensive watches nor what they are), but if finally confirms that it is not even the Sport collection, will be rather disappointing.

And the battery?

Apple did the minor reference to the autonomy of your watch during his presentation but thanks to Re/code we know why: they are not all satisfied with it and they continue to work on different solutions to try squeezing it before its release at the beginning of the coming year. Currently the autonomy of the Apple Watch seems to be below 24 hours and is expected to have to put it to charge every night as we probably do with your mobile phone.

Also left-handed

Apple has confirmed that Apple Watch is designed so that it could be interchangeably used in both arms. The only thing you need to do to enjoy the watch if you’re lefty is turn it 180 degrees, exchange the belts thanks to its hooves and configure interface to be displayed in the correct orientation, rather than choose the first time that we turn our new Apple Watch.

Do not you envidiaras Dick Tracy

If you grew up with Dick Tracy or the cartoon Inspector Gadget at the end you can imitate its protagonists speaking through your watch. Apple Watch features speaker and microphone, which makes it a good choice for answer short calls. If the thing is prolonged, take your iPhone and retrieves the call to keep talking no more from him. Do not you answer now a call? Top Apple Watch by hand and will be fully muted.

A luxury for a luxury watch box

Apple Watch prices starts from $349 but you can be sure that the thing will be quite mad at according to which models. We have been able to know for example that the luxurious collection Edition, made of gold, will be delivered in a box worthy of the best Jewelry House and will have an interesting peculiarity: the back will have a Lightning connector and the interior will have a magnetic support to recharge the watch by induction while it is perfectly exposed in an upright position.

Rearranging apps

One of the characteristics that differentiate the operating system clock from Apple, Watch OS, the Google or Samsung and Android Wear Tizen alternatives, is to have a lot more apps-centric approach. While the home of watches as the bike 360 screens show time and the last notification received, Apple Watch shows a galaxy of uses orbiting according to their frequency of use. If we are not happy with your order, you can change the position of any icon in a way similar to the iPhone, by holding your finger on it and moving it to where we want to.

By the way, if you are asking it, the Notification Center Apple Watch lies exactly in the same place as your iPhone, by sliding your finger down from the top, so if you miss a warning for the reason that is, you can review the list complete with a gesture.

Search your iPhone and get around the city

Among the functions of the Apple Watch we also access fast to make our iPhone start to beep and thus find it when we lose sight of. Another interesting little-publicized feature uses the Taptic Engine Watch to tell us through touches on our wrist the direction we have to take when we ask Siri to check us the road to somewhere. There is not that looking at the screen to find out if we have to turn to the right or left.

Apple Pay on the wrist

We know that the process for making payments with Apple Pay through Apple clock consists of do a double click with the button located under the digital Crown and hold a moment next to the Contactless terminal trade. If the transaction has been successful, the watch will vibrate and small beep. As measured anti-ladrones, Apple Watch heart rate sensor blocks it with a PIN code when it ceases to be in contact with our skin.

Perhaps that referred Ed McLaughlin, Director of payments emerging from MasterCard, when he suggested that Apple clock “will be able to know that you are you” is from “a monitor, very, very sophisticated”. Meanwhile, Visa, Charlie Scharf, CEO stated that in his meetings with Apple, they showed them that “they understood the risks and had solutions to do so”, so if they are compliant, I suppose that we also.

Leave your iPhone at home and salt run

Enjoy the music from your iPhone without removing it from the Pocket is another interesting feature, but better still it is to leave your phone at home when we go out to run and continue listening to it directly on the Apple Watch. That Yes, unknown full storage capacity will be whether we can transfer songs from your phone without going through iTunes. Physical activity monitor is also independent of the iPhone.

We finished with an interesting video of the individual show which made Apple media. Seems enough fluid to have months of development ahead, right?
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