Apple Watch Is Most Popular Smartwatch In Germany: Samsung Behind It

The Apple Watch leads the ranking of the most popular Smartwatches not only inGermany: the Auditors Deloitte have published a study according to which the wearable Apple dominates the Smartwatch market in several countries. Samsung remains in this country only the second place.
First and foremost, the analysis by Deloitte actually revolves around the effects of the Smartwatch on the Swiss watch industry. An exciting point in it is the rank list of manufacturers but watches in several countries smarter. Therefore, the Apple Watch is, for example, the most popular Smartwatch in Switzerland, the USA, Germany, China and Japan. By the way, not only the first generation of wearables out wastaken into account when collecting Cupertino, but also the newly introduced Apple Watch series 2.
Samsung ranked two
Smartwatches by Samsung to be popular only in Italy as the Apple. In the United States, Germany and China are the wearables of the Korean manufacturer from second place. Samsung Smartwatches are popular in Switzerland, here Samsung must share but ranked second with the brand of Switzerland-based swatch, three located in Germany and Italy ranked.
Sony Smartwatches include again in her native Japan behind the Apple Watch thesecond most popular models, while they occupy the third place in Switzerland andChina. Three is Garmin in the United States ranked according to the study. The luxury watch brand TAG Heuer occupies this space in Japan.
The study also shows that the market for Smartwatches in the future should continue to grow. In China about 59 percent of users should regard it as likely, that theywill buy a Smartwatch in the next twelve months. In Italy, it is at least 45 percent. But clearly that there is a certain need even if in Germany with 28 percent and in theUnited States plan seems significantly less with the purchase of only 20 percent. Also, manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung are likely to work most diligently tomake even slightly more palatable to the purchase with new features in the future.