Apple Watch Could Have Been a Real Health Machine, But Apple Decided to Eliminate Functions

Curious information that a few moments ago collects WSJ, since according to internal sources close to Apple plans and your Smart Watch, the Cupertino company had planned to Apple Watch It was a great device focused 100% on health, almost as powerful as the most advanced personal quantifiers and medical devices.

Apple in the first tests of the clock had planned to be equipped with sensors to measure stress and blood pressure, as well as different facets of the health of the user, but sensors did not meet the expectations of the company, and as we know, during his presentation last year, these sensors were not announced in the final product, so it It was decided to change the focus of the device by one dedicated to communication rather than to health.

Between 5 and 6 million Apple Watch for its release in April

As we all know, Apple Watch will arrive at stores, at least in the United States during April, and to launch Apple has already prepared a production of between five and six million devices, where most will try version of input, i.e., the sport, and only one-third for the version of metal with Sapphire Crystal.

Following data which could be Apple Watch, says that Apple didn’t find a way to get good results with sensors intending to incorporate, since the readings varied if the belt fit in varying degrees, as well as erroneous data in people with very hairy arms.

On the other hand, you could incorporate other types of sensors that measured the activity of best way and various aspects of the users, such as glucose, and thus show a health form as complete as possible, transforming the clock in a medical device, but due to the complexity and possible regulations by government institutions, it was decided not to include these features in this first version.

Another important point, is that the operating system that includes the clock you are ready to monitor all these elements and show the performance of the user, as well as graphs and statistics, which speaks to us that all these functions could implement in the second version of the clock.

Now we can only wait and know the first version of the Apple Watch to see first hand what is capable, and put aside all the tide of rumors that arise day by day, fortunately increasingly less need.