Apple Watch, Are Concerned about? TAG Heuer Announces The Development of a SmartWatch

I will not deny that I have a little surprised to read this news and although it has not really excessive relationship with Apple, it is curious by the “concerns” that seems to be lifting the SmartWatch of Apple, its Apple Watch. He sincerely believed that Swiss watch manufacturers had not even blinked at the announcement of the Apple Smart Watch, and now it seems that perhaps if that have raised some concern.

The Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer, has declared that it intends to develop a smart watch under its own criteria. Executives of the company as Jean-Claude Biver, had always declared to not be worried about the SmartWatch since they offered exclusivity and design (thing that the SmartWatch no). But it seems that they are changing the tables.

Now that is approaching the release of Apple Watch and begin to give information of interest to potential buyers, Mr Biver said that Maybe if they have something to say in the field of smart watches. The truth is that I have no doubt, and it seems that they are trying to prepare something to be presented at the end of the next year 2015.

Rumors suggest that the signing of Swiss watches seems be in talks with Google and Intel to find an Alliance for its future SmartWatch. River acknowledges carrying 4 months on the project and that they will only present something if they get a quality and distinctive product. Swiss teachers are going to be more cautious than Mr Ballmer… Who would want a phone that costs $600, and has buttons? As that.