Apple Once Again Asked about The Privacy of Their Users, This Time The Turn Is Borne by Apple Watch

Each year, after the release of a new device from Apple, we have a mantra that the old place will remind them the title of a song by a famous Spanish 80s Punk group, “history repeats itself…” This time has touched the Apple Watch, but the question last year was the recent (at the time) Touch ID the 5s iPhone.

This time was not a Senator, but it seems a Connecticut Attorney General wants their fifteen minutes of glory and has sent a letter to Tim Cook to ask him about some issues of privacy on the Apple Watch, how it works and requested a meeting with representatives of Apple… And it has not yet come on the market.

George Jepsen requests to know what health data does Apple clock and in that way to store them. Specifically based their questions on four points:

  • How Apple will allow users choose to save your data in the phone itself or on Apple servers and protect such data.
  • How to strengthen policies related to the approval or rejection of possible applications in the App Store of Apple Watch dedicated to collect medical data and provide diagnoses or treatments.
  • What type of information will collect Apple clock and applications and how it will treat them or share.
  • How you will monitor and will meet Apple guidelines for users in applications that collect information about our health.

In short, we have another politician or aspiring politician to aims to get something out of visibility. Sorry to be so hard on the matter, but though his intentions are laudable, Apple already has a powerful legal team behind that all these same questions have already.

Apple dropped everything securely tied and bound

The Guide’s guidelines for Apple developers, updated in June after the Keynote which presented Healthkit already responds to all of these questions.

Any application that try to or store medical data You can do it in iCloud and all those third-party applications that attempt to do so, will be rejected immediately. It will also be impossible to share data (with a physician for example) if it is not authorized user.

In regards to applications, they will not be allowed access to the App store to applications that try to provide diagnoses or treatments. The data will always have to be treated in the hands of a professional.