Apple Event and The French Chain Colette: First Demonstration of The Apple Watch at a Store?

Quiet, not we are talking about any event Apple as the last keynote of September 9. But the company has organized a event with Colette, a French chain of clothing and accessories, which invite you to “experience for only one day” tomorrow September 30 from 11 to 19 hours in their stores.

Two things to consider here: the first time that Apple organizes something with a store of accessories (fashion), and logo of the cartel seems too close to the screen of the Apple Watch to not think it would be a demonstration of the clock.

Here’s the full invitation:

At 9to5Mac they shuffled the possibility that perhaps this type of stores sell Apple Watch, although it gives me the Cupertino company will prefer to focus on the entire demand in its official stores as it has been doing with the iPhone for years. But that doesn’t mean that, for example, Colette announce your own bootstraps for the smartwatch of Apple or simply do a demonstration of how this accessory can also be integrated into the world of fashion.

Or maybe we all were wrong and it is something completely different, of course… but the truth is that tracks we leave little doubt in the air. It’ll be tomorrow, because with a new Apple product category we can not trust past patterns.