Åndalsnes, Norway

Surrounded by majestic mountains, idyllic Åndalsnes is located in the Romsdal valley, at the mouth of the Rauma River. This is the most ordinary village, but it is surrounded by a real natural miracle – the very canonical Norwegian landscapes: swift emerald green streams, lush waterfalls, steep cliffs that gave the city the status of “mountaineering capital”, impregnable gorges that fascinate with their height. Åndalsnes is also notable for its huge passenger port, which is visited by the largest cruise ships on the planet.

How to get to Åndalsnes

According to 800zipcodes.com, there is no airport in Åndalsnes, but there is a railway station, albeit on an isolated line. The way to the city will pass through Oslo.

First option: travel to Åndalsnes by train. Departure from Oslo Central Station, 5.5 hours on the road with a change in the city of Dombas. The route from Dombas to Åndalsnes is one of the most beautiful in the world, a full-fledged attraction. Total ticket price: 587 NOK. A detailed schedule can be found at website of the Norwegian carrier Vy (in English).

The second option is faster, but more difficult and more expensive – by plane to Molde, then by bus to Åndalsnes. It takes 55 minutes to fly from Oslo, a one-way ticket costs about 500 NOK. Buses No. 561 and 701 run from the air harbor to the Molde Central Bus Station (10 minutes and 37 NOK). Taxi will cost 228 NOK. At the station, you need to transfer to bus number 420 to Åndalsnes – it takes 1 hour 20 minutes, the ticket price is 135 NOK. A detailed schedule can be found at Fram carrier website (in English). A taxi ride from Molde airport to Åndalsnes will cost 1600 NOK.


In the province of Møre og Romsdal, the Fram carrier operates, whose routes connect all the settlements of the region and serve intracity destinations. But public transport is unlikely to be needed to move around Åndalsnes – all the most interesting things are within walking distance. For those who need a little more speed, there are bike rentals.

The cost of a short taxi ride around the city: 150-200 NOK.

Åndalsnes Hotels

Åndalsnes is located on a peninsula between a fjord and a river, so it doesn’t really matter where you look for accommodation – in any case, it will be near water and within walking distance of all attractions.

Most of the accommodations in Åndalsnes are small guesthouses. On average, the cost of living for two people in them is 1200 NOK with breakfast. Rooms in 3-4 * hotels cost 1000-2000 NOK for a double room with breakfast. There are also a large number of campsites and hostels in the city: a bed can be found for 200-300 NOK, and local residents offer apartments for 1000-1500 NOK per day.

Where to eat

One of the most popular restaurants among tourists is located in the Grand Hotel Bellevue. In addition to enjoying food, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the Troll Stairs. Try organic cuisine made from local ingredients at the Sodahlhuset cafe – a burger and salads are especially recommended. You should not expect anything supernatural from the rest of the cafes – everywhere delicious, simple (fried meat, potatoes for a side dish) food at affordable prices for Norway: you can dine together for 400-600 NOK without alcohol. In addition, there are Chinese and Thai restaurants in the city.

Attractions in Åndalsnes

Åndalsnes is often referred to as the mountaineering capital, so it’s no surprise that the city’s main attraction is the Norwegian Mountaineering Center (Havnegata, 2). Its exposition exhibits old climbing equipment, and the main feature is the highest climbing wall in Norway, where everyone can try their hand.

From the observation decks of Rampestreken (Romsdalsvegen, 24; 550 m above sea level) and Nesaksla (715 m) overlooking Åndalsnes, mountains and Romsdalsfjord.

The famous Troll Staircase and Troll Wall are located 17 km from the city. The first is the most popular tourist attraction in Norway. Here, fantastic nature, high mountains and cascades of waterfalls meet modern architecture. The most convenient way to get to the trolls’ possessions is by sightseeing bus – it stops at the most beautiful places. A 2.5-hour tour can be bought at the Åndalsnes information center (Jernbanegata, 1) for 600 NOK.

Åndalsnes, Norway