Alphabet Subsidiary Verily Is Probably Building on Health Smartwatch with E-Ink Display

“Alphabet” should be a term now everyone. Google’s parent company has of course not only the search engine and the associated services in the portfolio, but for example also verily. The company cares mainly about organic IT.

Quietly and secretly verily has apparently “Hundreds prototypes” screwed together, like in an interview by Antonio Regalado for the MIT Technology review with the CTO of verily, Brian Otis, comes to light. You put special emphasis in the new, specialized course on health aspects, Smartwatch on the battery life. For this you use instead of an LCD or OLED screens, as seen by the rivals on the market, on a round E-Ink display. The idea is not new, already Pebble was able to celebrate a great success so. You put the prototypes on “sensors, software, and science”. Should be an EKG on board as well as a “Photoplethysmogram” for measuring the heart rate.

What is a OS?

Brian Otis also is an expert in low-power electronics. Therefore you wanted better sit instead of a conventional chip on an in-house development, to maximize the runtime. She should be equipped with any operating system, was not betrayed yet. It is limited to the description of “digital Watchfaces”.

Health is again a hot contested ground. Competitor Apple had recently announced its own health platform to work on, in addition to equipping the Apple Watch with other apps in this direction. We are excited to see when we will see for the first time around-the-clock by verily.